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Written by Meenakshi Majumder

Cruise Mode: Overview and Benefits

Scalenut’s AI Cruise Mode lets you develop your first blog draft in 4 easy workflow steps.

What is Scalenut’s AI Cruise Mode?

Are you tired of struggling to communicate your thoughts when creating content? Scalenut's Cruise Mode, powered by AI technology, is here to help. Its comprehensive suite of tools guides you through every content creation phase, from research to SEO optimization. 

The tool analyzes your requirements and competitors to create captivating, authentic, and SEO-friendly content that exceeds 1500 words in just 5 minutes. 

Don't believe us? Join us as we explore the remarkable features of our Cruise Mode and its transformative role in generating content for personal and professional pursuits. 

What are the Benefits of Using Cruise Mode?

The latest upgrade to Cruise Mode ensures no repetitive content, the outlines are SERP-based, and the first draft has a higher SEO Score. But that's not all - here are some key benefits of using this powerful tool.

1. Comprehensive SEO Research

Powered by the latest technology, Scalenut helps you write and perform comprehensive content research. Cruise Mode, one of its premier tools, forms blogs using key SERP analysis to understand competitors’ and ranking content for a particular keyword. It helps boost keyword frequency and creates SEO-friendly content using a basic outline.

2. High-Quality Content Driving Results

With AI-powered Cruise Mode, you can get a real-time SEO and Readability score for your blog with a high correlation with our search engine’s rankings. Our content uses key NLP terms that can help you boost your rankings.

3. Produce Content at Blazing Fast Speed

The guided workflow of Scalenut Cruise Mode boosts your writing speed as it completes the first draft of your article within just 5 minutes. The powerful AI technology in the tool helps you generate relevant and SEO-friendly content to connect with your audiences and boost your organic rankings.

4. Easy and Guided Workflow

Scalenut’s easy-to-use interface guides you through the steps to produce informational content with minimum inputs from your side.

5. Produce Ready-to-Use First Drafts

Scalenut’s AI Cruise Mode helps you generate a ready-to-use first draft of your article. Once you have entered all the required details, such as the context of the blog, its title, main writing points, and content outline, you can generate your content. You can modify the draft as per your needs by exporting it to an AI editor or downloading and publishing it live within a few minutes.

6. Fast and Efficient SEO Optimization with Fix It Module

The Fix It Module provided by Scalenut offers a convenient and efficient approach to SEO optimization, which helps save time and effort for marketers and businesses.

This module focuses on the crucial on-page SEO components, ensuring that websites are optimized for search engines. As a result, businesses can enjoy better rankings and visibility, leading to increased organic traffic and an improved online presence.

7. Set the Desired Tone with Scalenut’s ‘Tone of Voice’ feature

The 'Tone of Voice' feature by Scalenut enables businesses to maintain a consistent brand image across all communication channels. It allows companies to customize their messaging to match their brand personality, whether professional, friendly, formal, or casual. 

8. Add Custom URL to your articles.

A "custom source URL" refers to a user-defined or personalized web address that directs to a specific source or location on the internet. Scalenut’s Cruise Mode lets you use these custom source URLs to give direction to your current article.

Scalenut AI Cruise Mode Features

Scalenut’s Cruise Mode uses a deep learning model that makes use of NLP-generated key terms. It helps to enhance the readability of the content and optimize it to rank it higher. 

Here’s how you can write a well-researched SEO-friendly article in a few minutes with just four easy steps:

1. Context - In this section, provide a brief description of your blog topic and set the ‘Tone of Voice’.

2. Title - Our AI produces different suggestions on titles you can use for your blog. You can use them as it is or modify them as required. It also displays the Top Ranked Titles, and has the option of Rephrase.

3. Outlines - The tool generates automated content outlines on the left panel, while the outlines of the top-ranking content pieces are available on the right. You can select common questions from your target audience for your content's frequently asked questions section. Or, you can include questions generated by AI. Additionally, you can download or regenerate the outline from this step.

4. First Draft - Our technology conducts in-depth analysis to comprehend the context and intent of the user to create a complete, captivating, and ready-to-publish version of your blog. Here, you get to view the SEO Score, key terms usage, and the word count of your first draft. Each heading section can be further enhanced using the ‘Regenerate’ option. It allows you to rephrase, expand, shorten, simplify, or create bullet points for the content under each section.

Please note: You now have the option to choose whether you want to get your insights from the top 10, 20, or 30 URLs. To select your preference, choose your desired number of ranking pages in the first step, where you input your keyword and target location.

Want to know more about Scalenut’s Cruise Mode? Read our next blog for a detailed step-by-step guide.