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What is Scalenut’s AI Cruise Mode?

Scalenut’s AI Cruise Mode lets you develop your first blog draft in 5 easy workflow steps.

We introduce you to Scalenut’s all-powerful AI-powered Cruise Mode.

With our wide range of tools, you no longer have to struggle to put your thoughts into words. Our AI technology becomes your content creation partner throughout all the phases of your content planning, such as content research, writing, editing, and SEO process. 

Taking the time to understand your needs, Scalenut’s latest GPT3 technology helps you analyse your competitors to produce engaging, SEO-friendly, and authentic content. With our Cruise Mode, you can generate 1500-plus-word articles, blog posts, ebooks, or emails in just 5 minutes. With Scalenut, creating high-performing content for your business needs becomes easier than ever before.

In this guide article, we will go through the powerful features of Scalenut AI Cruise mode. We will look at how you can use it to generate content for your personal and professional needs.

Benefits of Using Cruise Mode

Some of the benefits of using our AI Cruise Mode include the following - 

1. Comprehensive SEO Research

Powered by the latest GPT3 technology, the Scalenut platform helps you in your writing process along with performing comprehensive content research. Our Cruise Mode forms blogs using key SERP analysis features to understand competitors’ and ranking content for a particular keyword. 

You can also integrate common customer queries and constructive citation data. With our Cruise Mode, you can boost keyword frequency and create content using a basic outline.

2. High-Quality Content Driving Results

With our AI-powered Cruise Mode, you can get a real-time content grade for your blog with a high correlation with our search engine’s rankings. Our content makes use of key NLP terms that can help you boost your rankings.

3. Produce Content Blazing Fast

The guided workflow of Scalenut Cruise Mode boosts your writing speed as it completes the first draft of your article within just 5 minutes. The powerful AI technology in the tool helps you generate relevant and SEO-friendly content to connect with your audiences and boost your organic rankings.

4. Easy and Guided Workflow

Scalenut’s easy-to-use interface guides you through the steps to produce informational content with minimum inputs from your side.

5. Produce Ready-to-Use First Drafts

Scalenut’s AI Cruise Mode helps you generate a ready-to-use first draft of your article. Once you have entered all the required details, such as the context of the blog, its title, main writing points, and content outline, you can generate your content. You can modify the draft as per your needs by exporting it to an AI editor or downloading and publishing it live within a few minutes.

Scalenut AI Cruise Mode Features

The Scalenut Cruise Mode uses a deep learning model that makes use of NLP-generated key terms. It helps to enhance the readability of the content and optimize it to rank it higher. Our AI Cruise Mode feature helps you to develop unique content that engages the target audiences. With Cruise Mode, you can write a well-researched SEO-friendly article in a few minutes with just five easy steps:

1. Context - Provide a brief description of your blog topic.

2. Title - Our AI will produce different suggestions on titles you can use for your blog.

3. Outlines - Add the outline header tags in your content. You can also select the common questions of your target audiences for the frequently asked questions section of your content. By including questions that are relevant to your target audience, you can increase the chances that they will be interested in what you have to say. Alternatively, you can also include AI-generated questions.

4. Writing Points - You can add any writing point from your end or use the ones generated by our AI for your content. You can also include SERP Statistics here.

5. First Draft - Our AI technology performs deep analysis to understand the context and user’s intent to generate a comprehensive, engaging, and ready-to-publish draft of your blog.

Best suited for all content writers, content strategists, marketing managers, and business owners, Scalenut AI Cruise Mode is your one-stop solution to streamline your content marketing process. The content produced by our Cruise Mode is 100 per cent original and free of plagiarism.