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How to conduct Social Listening and Use it in Long-form Writing?

You can effectively conduct social listening using Scalenut’s Article Writer.

Our ‘Questions’ tab generates a list of all the relevant questions from different platforms such as Quora, Reddit, and Google. These help you identify the pain points of the customer as well as discover strategic keywords to form your content around. 

Answering the most asked questions on the internet by your target audiences around your main keyword can help you significantly. It boosts the organic traffic of your website as well as your page rankings. Scalenut’s Article Writer tool also provides some brilliant AI-suggested questions that you can address in your content to increase user engagement.

Here is a detailed guide on how to use the ‘Questions’ tab effectively in your long-form writing to make your content piece more engaging and comprehensive.

Step 1 - Log in to your Scalenut account and go to the Article Writer under SEO Tools. Type in your main keyword and target location there, and once the SEO report is generated, click on the ‘Create Brief’ button.

Step 2 - In the ‘Create Brief’ tab, click on the ‘Questions’ section.

Step 3 - Questions from different platforms such as Google, Quora, and Reddit are given in the All section. By clicking on the specific icons above, you can choose to view questions related to your keywords from a specific platform. 

Through the last AI icon, you can check out our AI-suggested questions as well.

Step 4 - You can add a question from the ‘Questions’ tab to your content brief by simply clicking on the ‘Insert as a FAQ’ button demonstrated in the image below.

Inserting questions comes in handy when creating a content brief. It helps you ensure you do not miss out on any important questions. 

Step 5 - You can check where the question is published on the source site by just clicking on the arrow icon given right next to the question.

For example, in the image given below, you can see the question was picked from the Quora platform. Further, clicking on the ‘arrow’ option directs you to the source website.

Step 6 - You can also add the question as a reference in your content brief in the ‘General Guidelines’ section by clicking on the ‘Insert as a Reference’ button. 

Step 7 - You can add notes to a question for the reference of the writer or delete a question from your content brief through the icons shown below.

Using “Questions” while Creating Your Content in Scalenut’s AI Editor

Scalenut platform has integrated the questions functionality with our AI-powered editor. You can click on the ‘Create Content’ tab to paste your outline or add questions to your existing content by finding the ‘Questions’ tab in the right bar of your content.

You can add any question to your content by simply clicking on it.

You can also generate AI-based answers to the questions from different platforms by clicking on the ‘Robot’ icon button against the question. Our powerful AI will automatically generate an engaging and useful answer by writing it on the AI Editor.

Customers like it when you address their questions. It makes them feel listened to and connects them to your brand. Social listening helps you discover new opportunities and increase customer acquisitions. It encourages you to generate fresh and interactive content that engages the user and is of value to them. 

Use our Article Writer today to form engaging content that resonates with your target audience.