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How to use the formatting toolbar?

Scalenut Editor has a range of formatting features to supercharge your text.

Formatting is a key aspect of any content, whether it's long-form articles or short snippets. It has the ability to amplify your ideas, improve readability and engagement, and allow readers to quickly navigate through your content. At Scalenut, we understand the importance of formatting, and that's why we've introduced a comprehensive formatting toolbar in our Editor. Let's explore the range of features it offers to enhance your text.

  • Bold - This feature allows you to highlight parts of your content, such as phrases, keywords, dates, names, numerals, or other data, by making them bold. 
  • Italic - This allows you to emphasize certain text parts by introducing a swinging-type style to a part of a line or an entire line. In most cases, we italicize a quote to differentiate it from the rest of the text. 
  • Underline - This feature can underline the selected text and emphasize its importance. 
  • Strikethrough - It strikes a line through the text and helps create a before-and-after comparison for greater emphasis on the views/data being presented.
  • Numbering - Create numbered lists using this feature. 
  • Bullets - Use this feature to create a bulleted list and highlight its importance. 
  • Superscript - This allows you to introduce superscript for showcasing the importance of numbers and data. 
  • Subscript - If you are creating chemical content, this feature will help create chemical formulas seamlessly. 
  • Text Alignment - Using this, you can align your text - left, center, or right. 
  • Text Color - Change the color of the text and make them more visible with this feature.
  • Text Highlight - You can highlight a section or a line to ensure those who are skimming do not miss out on these parts of your text. 

Incorporating these formatting tools from the Scalenut Editor will enhance the visual appeal and readability of your content, making it more engaging for your audience. Experiment with different formatting styles to create content that truly stands out.

Whether you want to emphasize key points, create organized lists, or add a touch of creativity, the formatting options at your disposal will enable you to create engaging and visually appealing content.