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What is Scalenut Chrome Extension?

Scalenut’s powerful AI Chrome Extension works across platforms to help you produce high-ranking and quality content consistently.

Are you a content marketer looking to cut through the clutter of online resources to have your content reach your target audiences across all platforms? Scalenut Chrome Extension is here to help you! Enhancing the user experience, our extension uses the latest GPT3 technology to help you consistently produce relevant and engaging content to make a lasting impression on your prospects. 

The Scalenut Chrome Extension provides users instant access to Scalenut’s powerful tools, such as rewrite, complete, simplify, and a range of templates for all your business needs. Whether you want to write an email, answer a question on the community forums, or draft an engaging social media post, Scalenut’s Chrome Extension is your one-stop solution for all your content needs. 

You can use our Chrome Extension tool to produce engaging and insightful content across various platforms for your personal and professional needs.

The goal of this guide is to provide you with information about the Scalenut Chrome Extension and how it can be helpful in your content marketing efforts so that you can boost your productivity across different platforms.

Powerful Features of Scalenut Chrome Extension

Our AI-powered writing extension generates quality content across platforms such as Facebook, Quora, Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. You can use it to form quality copy for your business while also saving time - all in a few clicks! The powerful features that make Scalenut Chrome Extension ideal for you are as follows:


Writing emails, social media posts, drafting google ads copy, or even answers to your questions has never been so easy! With Scalenut’s Templates, you can have the AI generate a killer copy based on your inputs in just a couple of clicks.

The Scalenut Chrome Extension is for professionals running against time. No matter what field you are working in, this extension is for you if you want to save time while creating unique, engaging, and relevant content.

For example, let us suppose you are a sales professional who wants to send cold emails to acquire customers. You can use the create email feature under ‘Templates’ so our AI creates the email body content for you.

If you are a social media manager looking to create interesting, creative and engaging social media posts, you can use the ‘Social Media Post’ feature. 

Similarly, if you are a content creator looking to find answers to the questions in the community forums, you can use Scalenut’s ‘Answer a Question’ template.

Just type in the starting sentence to give context to the AI and select the feature you want to use. Our Scalenut Chrome Extension helps you form exceptional and original content accordingly.


Don’t like how a sentence sounds? Choose the ‘Rephrase’ option, and our AI Writer rewrites your sentence in an engaging and authentic way. The sentences generated by Scalenut AI keep your users engaged and hooked to your content.


Through the command function, our powerful AI elaborates on the sentence or phrase selected by you following your instructions. You can command the AI to generate quick and relevant paragraphs on any topic instantly.


Started your draft but facing writer’s block? Do not worry! Scalenut Chrome Extension’s ‘Complete’ feature completes your content for you. Using AI to understand the context of your content, our extension presents you with the perfect and flawless piece of copy.


Our ‘Simplify’ feature analyzes your long and complex sentences to transform them into simple and comprehensive ones to enhance readability. This feature helps you ensure a seamless reading experience for your readers.

Experience the power of technology across different social media handles and platforms by downloading Scalenut Chrome Extension. All you have to do is go to your Chrome Web Store and type in ‘Scalenut’. Click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button to install the extension on your browser and power your content creation journey.

Not just that, you can also supercharge your Google Docs experience with our Scalenut Chrome Extension. Now compatible with Google Docs, Scalenut AI can help you write paragraphs, rephrase sentences, finalize your copy and share it with your team members on the workspace of your choice - all within minutes.

Scalenut Chrome Extension analyzes thousands of web pages with similar content to produce competitive and engaging results. With our extension, you can put your best foot forward to create content across various platforms such as Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Quora, Twitter, and more.