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What is an SEO Research Report and How to Create it?

Scalenut SEO Research Report helps you analyze your competitors and form high-ranking content.

Scalenut’s Article Writer creates an updated real-time comprehensive AI SEO Research Report based on the primary keyword entered by you. 

With Scalenut’s SEO report, you can analyze your top competitors, the outlines or structure of their articles, their SEO Score, key NLP terms to be used in the content piece, and the most frequently asked questions related to the topic. 

Also, Article Writer lets you form the most comprehensive outline to generate an engaging and relevant article.

Once you create the SEO report, you can use the insights to write an article from scratch or edit an existing one.

Elements of Scalenut’s SEO Research Report

The different elements covered in our comprehensive SEO research report are as follows - 

1. Competition Overview - Top page statistics of the top 30 ranking competitors for your primary keyword. The insights include average word count, readability score, content grade, etc.

2. Metric Trends - The visual representation of all the top 30 URLs to easily analyze and observe trends for each statistic.

3. Outlines - This section provides an overview of the competitor articles. You can also sort these by content grade.

4. Questions - This feature has the commonly asked questions by users and the ones generated by AI to optimize your article as per the user queries.

5. Statistics- Add credibility to your articles by adding statistics for a richer content experience.

6. Citations - Citations are the most common links referred to by competitors in their content. You can use these in your content to build credibility.

7. Key Terms - Scalenut uses NLP to determine important keywords to make your articles rank higher.

8. Content Brief - Through this feature, you can create a content brief as a reference for writing your content.

How to Create Scalenut SEO Report?

The detailed steps to create an SEO report on the Scalenut platform are as given below - 

Step 1 - Log in to your Scalenut account, find and click on ‘Article Writer’ under the ‘SEO Tools feature on the left side of the dashboard.

Step 2 - Enter the primary and secondary keywords for which you want to rank your content in the text box. Then, select the location of your target audience from the drop-down menu. You can choose a target country like the United States or even a specific city like California. 

Step 3 - Click on the ‘Create’ button to generate the SEO report for your target keyword in less than two minutes. The different sections in the SEO doc help you analyze why some specific content pieces are ranking higher on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Our AI-powered SEO Hub fetches information in real-time to generate a comprehensive and detailed report.

Step 4 - Under the ‘Article Writer’ section, you can find all the AI-generated SEO reports for your keywords. Click the Create Brief’ button to view a detailed SEO report.

You can search your SEO Docs for a particular keyword or sort them as per their creation date, updation date, or their SEO score. You can also add tags to your SEO documents to manage your documents in a better way.

Step 5 - You can check the competition overview, content outlines common questions,statistics, citations, and key terms through the SEO report. 

Once you generate the SEO Research Report for your primary keyword, you can use our AI writer to create engaging and optimized content.