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Written by Soumya Chaturvedi

What are Topic Clusters and How to Use Them?

What are Topic Clusters and How to Use Them?

Topic clusters find keyword clusters for the keyword you want to address to help you build pillar content. It groups the related keywords into various clusters. You build topical authority when you create high-quality, well-researched content for a cluster.

Steps to use Topic Clusters:

  1. Find Topic Clusters feature on the left navigation panel of your Scalenut Dashboard

2. Enter the keyword you want to find related ideas for on and then search and select your target location. Click on ‘Create Topic Clusters’.

3. Click on the ‘Open Cluster Report’ button to view the report.

4. Next, You will be able to see the list of clusters for the main topic.

5. Click on the ‘Expand’ icon on any of the clusters to look at them in detail. Topic Clusters provides you with the Total Cluster Search Volume, relevant keywords, and the search volume for each of the keywords.

6. You can use the ‘Sort By’ option in the top right to sort these clusters by their Search Volume or the Number of Keywords in the cluster. Use the search box to search for a keyword among the clusters.

7. To share the report, click on the ‘Export’ button on the top-right corner to download a handy .csv file.

8. Topic Cluster is also compatible with the Scalenut content tool kit. Hover over to the cluster of your choice and click ‘Create SEO Doc’, This will generate an SEO Research Document for your cluster.

9. After research and brief creation, you can get started with writing through Scalenut’s AI Editor and Cruise Mode.