Advice and answers from the Scalenut Team

Written by Pooja Sharma

What are Marketing Templates?

Scalenut has over 40 AI templates to help users create content super-efficiently for different copy needs.

What are Marketing Templates?

Marketing templates are the modern way to create fast, impactful, and original content in a fraction of the time. 

All you have to do is enter relevant information and let Scalenut AI work its magic. These templates can be an effective way to help scale your content, publish relevant content rapidly and ace all your marketing goals with ease. 

The best part? Scalenut has over 40 Marketing Copywriting templates to cater to your diverse short-form and long-form needs. 

Where do we find the Templates?

The Marketing Copywriter option is available on the navigation panel on the left of your Scalenut Dashboard.

The ‘Templates’ section opens by default when you click on the ‘Marketing Copywriter’ in the navigation panel.

Choose an appropriate option from the list of templates available, or use the Search bar to find the right one for your needs. 

What are the Templates Categories covered?

  • Product Description - Create compelling product descriptions
  • Q&A Content - Create thought-provoking questions/answers for any topic
  • Article Copywriting - For streamlining the copy requirements for your long-form needs
  • Social Media Post - Create viral posts that hit the nail every time
  • Copywriting (Frameworks) - Frameworks that ease the copy-creation process
  • Website Copy - These cover everything, from hero text to sub headers
  • Video Content - Declutter your video creation process with templates that let you automate the backend processes, such as description and script generation
  • Email Copywriting - Generate crisp emails that catch users’ attention and help convert
  • Advertisement Copies - Generate copy curated for specific platforms, which are highly targeted and create a lasting impact.

Users can choose any of these templates to create relevant content. For example -

You need a meta description for your blog post. All you have to do is to search for the ‘Meta Description’ template, enter the blog title, blog description, and keywords, and let the AI work its magic. If you want more options, tap on the ‘Generate More’ button and copy the relevant results to the Editor for further editing.

Different templates will require you to enter the relevant information for the AI to generate the most relevant results. So, choose the most relevant, enter the details sought, and click the ‘Generate’ button to let the AI do the rest for you.