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What are SaaS credits and how to use these credits?

What are SaaS Credits?

These are promotional credits that can be used once your monthly quota exhausts, for AI Writing and creating reports.

How to earn these credits?

You can earn these credits in exchange for publishing reviews for us. For more details on this refer to our Earn Credits Program.

How to use these credits?

In case your monthly quota exhausts and you have SaaS Credits in your account.You will get a prompt message as shown below. 

Click on the option to continue. After this these credits will start getting used up for creating SEO Docs and AI words till the time your monthly quota renews.

Each SEO Doc uses $2 and  $0.002 are utilised per AI generated word.

How to view these credits once credited in the account?

To view these credits please go to the bottom left corner on the left side panel > My Account >Transactions.

Are these SaaS Credits applicable on Free Plan as well?

Yes, works on all plans.

Is there an expiration date for these credits ?

No. You can use it as and when you want. 

Please note: These credits cannot be used to purchase subscription plans or make Talent Network transactions.