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What are SaaS credits and how to use these credits?

Unlock the potential of SaaS credits to access additional features, upgrade plans, or extend your subscription.

Whether you're a business aiming to streamline expenses on our tools or an individual seeking to make the most of your Scalenut subscription, understanding the intricacies of SaaS credits can open up a world of opportunities.

In this article, we will explore the details of SaaS credits, including what they are, their significance, and how users can utilize them to their fullest potential.

What are SaaS Credits?

SaaS credits can be considered virtual currency specific to a particular SaaS provider.

Unlike traditional fixed subscription plans, which offer predefined features for a specific period, SaaS credits allow users to customize their experience by allocating credits to specific services, features, or resources within the platform.

It gives users more control over how they utilize the software and can tailor their usage based on their needs.

What are the two kinds of SaaS credit Scalenut offers?

Scalenut offers its users the advantage of harnessing two distinctive categories of SaaS credits: Promotional and Purchased SaaS. These offerings cater to varying needs and preferences, enriching the user experience with versatile options for utilizing the platform's capabilities.

What is the difference between Promotional and Purchased SaaS credits?

The key difference between these credits is how they are obtained. Promotional SaaS credits are given by the platform for promotional purposes, while Purchased SaaS credits are acquired through payment. Both credits provide access to the platform's resources, services, and tools, but the way they are acquired and their terms may differ.

How do we purchase Additional SaaS Credits?

Scalenut offers a range of subscription plans tailored to different user needs, each providing a specific number of credits as part of the package. 

However, if you require more credits beyond your current plan, you can easily purchase additional credits directly from the Scalenut platform.   

To know more about the entire process, read this article.

How to earn Promotional SaaS credits?

You can earn these credits in exchange for publishing reviews for us. For more details on this refer to our Earn Credits Program.

Please note: Once your review is published, please reach out to us on chat or email us at Our team will check it from our end and approve your reward if and when it passes our quality check. 

How to use these SaaS credits?

In case your monthly quota exhausts and you have SaaS Credits in your account.You will get a prompt message as shown below. 

Click on the option to ‘Continue’. After this, these credits will be used to create SEO Docs and AI words until your monthly quota renews.

Each SEO Doc uses $2 and  $0.002 are utilised per AI generated word.

How to view these credits once credited in the account?


To view these credits, go to the top right corner on the Dashboard> My Account.


Head over to the ‘Transactions’ section.


Here, you can view your available credits balance, recharge credits and also the usage.


Are these SaaS Credits applicable on Free Plan as well?

Yes, works on all plans.

Is there an expiration date for these credits ?

No. You can use it as and when you want. 

Can these credits be used to purchase subscription plans or make Talent Network Transactions?

These credits cannot be used to purchase subscription plans or make Talent Network transactions.

Can anyone buy additional credits?

Purchase of additional credits is only available for Growth and Pro-Plan users. Unfortunately, Essential Plan users will not be able to benefit from this.