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How to compare your competitors' outlines and use them to create a brief?

An effective outline helps you cover all aspects to form SEO-friendly, engaging content.

With Scalenut content outlines, you can improve your content flow and writing efficiency. 

Powered by AI technology and formed through extensive training modules, our tool lets you create a detailed overview of headings and subheadings to include in your article. 

It also generates outlines through a deep analysis of your competitors' content and gives an idea about the flow of your articles and the pointers you can cover in the same. 

How to Create Content Outline in Scalenut’s Article Writer?

Scalenut’s Article Writer is a one-stop solution for all your content research needs.It gives you the outlines of the top 30 ranking URLs on the internet at the click of a button. You can compare these outlines and create a content outline for your content pieces based on the references. 

Creating an outline in Scalenut’s Article Writer is very easy. 

The detailed steps to create a content outline using Scalenut’s Article Writer are given below -


Navigate to the ‘Article Writer’ from your Scalenut Dashboard.


On the redirected screen, find the article you want to view the report for and click on its respective ‘Status.’

In this case, we want to view the SEO Research Report of the article ‘Scented Candles’, so click on ‘Editing in Progress.’


Or, Enter your primary keyword and target location, and click on the ‘Create’’ button. Or, you can even customize your competition benchmarking approach based on your content and marketing strategy. This feature empowers you to select between the top 10, 20, or 30 ranking pages to focus on, enabling you to tailor your competitive analysis according to your specific objectives and target market.


Once you have created the SEO report, you can find it under the ‘Article Writer’ section. Open it by clicking on the keyword.


On the redirected screen, click ‘Skip to Editor’.


Inside the editor, click on the ‘Detailed Report’ option under Research on the Right Panel.


Click on the ‘Outlines’ tab to open the content outline of the top 30 ranking URLs on the search engine. Let’s consider that you chose to stick with the top 30 URLs.


You can check the outlines of all 30 ranking pieces in one place. You can also sort them by their rank or the proprietary Scalenut SEO score for the content piece.

In the image below, we have sorted the outlines as per their SEO score.


You can expand or collapse the Outlines to easily focus on your primary competitors and compare the outlines, simply by clicking on the icon shown in the following picture. 

STEP 10 

You can add ‘Heading’ tags to your content outline by simply clicking on an H-tag from your competitor's outline to form a framework for your content piece.

STEP 11 

You can add additional notes for a particular H tag for the writer of your content, which includes any additional information you want the writer to keep in mind while covering the heading. You can do so by clicking on the icon as shown.

Through the sidebar, you can also delete a particular H-tag if not required by clicking on the ‘trash icon.’


You can check the quality of the content from SEO Score by Scalenut’s AI by looking at the top right of every outline. This can help you understand the benchmark for quality content.

STEP 13 

Need more information on the website? You can also access the live version of every ranking URL through the link provided below the title. 

STEP 14 

After this, you can click on the ‘Back to Editor’ section to access our editor and start creating your content. Here, you can paste the outline you created for your content to get started.


You can work with our AI features such as write, instruct, and connectors. Use these to develop your outline to create a comprehensive and informative article.

Write - Add a few sentences to give context to our AI and click on the ‘Write’ button. Our AI will produce the content based on the context provided by you.

Instruct - Our instruct feature lets you give commands to our AI technology. Type in your topic, select the text, and click the ‘Instruct’ button to produce the content according to your instructions. 

Connectors - Our AI editor has six types of connectors, including addition, contrast, condition, sequence, result, and conclusion. All these ‘Connectors’ have options to select the initial word of a sentence. Our AI will quickly process the existing content and add connectors of your choice to it.

At Scalenut, we understand the importance of creating comprehensive content outlines for the writer. Hence, when creating our AI tool, we have thought of each aspect - from headings to content grade - to form an effective outline for your content. 

Apart from these parameters, you can also add additional keywords, mention more references, and add general notes for the writer to keep in mind while writing the content piece to ensure a complete understanding of the kind of content required from your end.