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What are Key Terms and How to Use Them?

Using NLP-extracted key terms in your content can help you rank higher on Google SERP.

Key terms are a list of semantic keywords powered by NLP. These are associated with your primary keyword. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a sub-branch of Artificial Intelligence and Linguistics that focuses on interpreting human language for machines or computers. Scalenut’s AI technology uses powerful algorithms to analyze language patterns and generate a list of key terms for your content. The latest Google algorithm update made the use of the NLP key terms valuable in the content strategy of businesses.

NLP plays a significant role in improving content quality and focuses more on the searcher’s intent. Scalenut employs powerful NLP algorithms to identify crucial semantic terms or phrases identical to the searcher’s query. The Key Terms section of Scalenut contains a list of all the keywords one can include in their content piece to make it more relevant and comprehensive. These key terms help the content rank higher. Scalenut SEO Tools consist of metrics such as the relevance of the key terms, the frequency of their occurrence within the top 30 ranking pieces, and their importance. 

How to Use NLP Key Terms in Your Content Brief?

The Scalenut tool provides a comprehensive list of key terms generated by NLP algorithms for the top 30 ranking URLs. You can use them as per their importance to ensure the content is well-optimized. You can use key terms in your content effectively in the following way - 

Step 1 - Log in to your Scalenut account. Generate the SEO report for your primary keyword and target location. In the ‘Create Brief’ section, click on the ‘Key Terms’ tab. It shows NLP-powered lists of keywords.

Step 2 - Here, you can view the key terms extracted by NLP technologies that you can include in the content. The tool will show where your competitors have used the key terms in their main content or headings.

For example, in the below image, you can see the usage of the key term ‘weight loss’ in the main content for ranking URLs. You can also see the use of the keyword ‘weight loss’ in headings by clicking on the ‘Headings’ section.

Step 3 - You can sort these Key Terms by clicking on the ‘Adjusting Arrow icon.’ You can sort them based on their frequency in the content, importance, and heading presence.

How to Read the Key Terms Research?

Let us take the example of the NLP term ‘antioxidants’ as our reference. In the data of the term antioxidants given below, compiled using NLP technologies, we can see that 

The term has a 10/10 importance in the ranking URLs. We can understand from this that the keyword ‘antioxidants’ appears in the top 10 ranking URLs. Therefore, you must add it to your content piece. 

The frequency of the term in top-ranking competitor articles is 1-24. It also has a high presence in the headings of the content.

Under the ‘Usage Examples’ section, you can see the URL of the top-ranking article along with the frequency of the key terms in the content. We highly recommend that you include all the key terms in your content. The NLP keywords can help you make your content SEO-friendly and increase its chances of ranking on search engines.

How to Use NLP Key Terms While Writing Your Content?

You can include these AI-generated key terms in your content to increase the SEO Score. A higher SEO Score increases the chance of content ranking higher in search engines. Click on the ‘Create Content’ section to open our powerful AI editor to start your content creation process.

On the right side of the ‘Editor’ section, we can see the sidebar that includes the ‘Key Terms,’ where all the NLP key terms are listed. You can use these keywords in your content to make it more engaging as well as optimize it as per the latest SEO practices. 

You can see the usage of these terms in your content on the left side of the panel, and the number range indicates how often the key term should be used in your content through deep AI analysis. For example, the Key term ‘used car’ was used 0 times in the content, while the suggested range was between 1 and 16.

You can also check the importance or usage of each term in your content piece. You can do this by simply clicking on the ‘Highlight Usage’ check box.

You can also see the usage of key terms in top-ranking pages on the SERPs by clicking on the ‘quotes icon,’ as shown in the snapshot below. It helps you get an idea of how you can use that particular term within the content. 

Further, you can sort these key terms on the basis of unused terms, heading usage, and their importance as per their usage in the ranking pieces. You can add a key term by simply clicking on it.

You can also click on the ‘robot icon’ at the far right for AI to generate content for that key term. The AI will ensure it uses the key term in the content it generates for you.

How to Increase Your SEO Score Using Scalenut NLP Key Terms?

You can increase your content grade by using Scalenut’s NLP key terms. The key terms’ frequency can be modified using AI in the following way - 

Step 1 - Click on the settings option on the top bar of Scalenut, as shown in the image below.

Step 2 - Turn on the ‘Prioritise Key Terms’ option by clicking on the toggle switch.

Step 3 - Click on ‘Configure’ to change the priority of the key terms in your content.

Step 4 - A window will pop up after clicking on the ‘Configure’ option, where you can prioritize key terms per your content needs.

Scalenut’s AI ensures powerful insights from data to create content faster and assure quality. With Scalenut SEO Tools in the competitive SEO market, you can lose the pressure to keep up with the latest algorithm updates and best practices. 

Our platform implements SEO aspects across different stages of content creation so that your content can always keep ranking high. Use Scalenut today to experience the power of technology and create optimized, scalable content that ranks higher on search engine result pages.