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Update Billing Details

If you're using Scalenut and need to update your billing details, you can do it in just 7 simple steps from your 'Dashboard':


Log in to your Scalenut account with your credentials and head over to the ‘My Account’ section at the top-most corner of the right side of your screen.

STEP 2 -

Once you click the ‘My Account’ section on the ‘Dashboard,’ your ‘Profile’ will open. Here, you will find the option to ‘Update Card Details.’

STEP 3 -

Next, click on ‘Update Card Details’ to update your billing details.

STEP 4 -

You will then be redirected to ‘Stripe’ for simplified billing. Log in with your registered email address to manage your account.

STEP 5 -

After you receive an email from our end on your registered email address, click on the ‘Log In’ button and update your payment method.

STEP 6 -

Next, update your ‘Billing Information’ by including your address, city, state and ZIP details.

STEP 7 -

Save the ‘Billing Information’ and proceed towards adding your new payment method. Fill in the necessary details like your card number, expiry, CVC and country and just click on the ‘Add’ button.

Voila! You have successfully updated your billing details.