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The Dashboard

Scalenut’s Dashboard is a one-stop hub for all your content ideation and creation needs.

Welcome to Scalenut!

We decided to create an overview to help you get a better understanding of our software and the plethora of features it has on offer. 

We have designed our dashboard to be an all-in-one hub to let users access everything they need with a few clicks. Let us get started. 

By the end of this piece, you will be able to learn more about the Scalenut Dashboard and its functionalities. 

As soon as you enter your login credentials and click on ‘Sign In,’ you will be greeted with the Scalenut Dashboard. 

SEO Tools 

At its center, you can find one-click access to these features to level up your SEO -

  • Cruise Mode (Create Blog in 5 Mins)
  • Optimize existing content
  • Plan Content (Keyword Planner)

These features focus on helping you with your long-form content creation initiatives. 

AI Writing Tools

Below, you will find a selection of Scalenut’s most popular AI Writing tools for varied use cases, such as 

  • Product Descriptions
  • Answer a Question
  • Blog Outline Creator
  • Social Media Posts

On the right, you will find the ‘View All’ option, which can give you access to over 40 copywriting tools more focused on fulfilling your short-form content requirements. 

Getting Started with Scalenut

The ‘Getting Started with Scalenut’ section has a toggle-down option on its right, providing you access to a bunch of short, well-curated walkthrough videos. Each of these clips discusses different areas of our software and gives you an overview of our tools and how they can contribute to your content creation process. 

Also, once you have completed watching the relevant clip, you can access the feature by clicking on the blue button beside it. 

For example, if a user wants to generate their first Content piece via our tool, they can read the overview, catch a glimpse of the video, and click the ‘Get Started' button on its left. 

Additional Features

The additional features section houses several links our users may find handy for their content ideation and creation. It includes - 

Chrome Extension 

The Scalenut Chrome Extension enables users to create content across platforms, such as Gmail, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, without switching tabs. Click on the ‘Download’ option to redirect to the Chrome Extension download page

Talent Network


Scalenut has a pool of dedicated and capable writers who ensure top-notch quality delivered within deadlines every time. Users can click on the ‘Go To Talent Network’ button to place an order for assignments to be completed by our writers. 

Keep up with Scalenut

Scalenut has a flourishing Facebook community of users, developers associated with the brand, and its founders. Clicking on ‘Join our Facebook Community’ will redirect you to the page where we post all the latest news and updates. Also, the page is where users actively engage with fellow users or the support team to provide feedback or find solutions to their queries. 

You can also find dedicated buttons for Twitter, G2 Crowd, Capterra, and more, on the right to keep up with the latest news regarding Scalenut and its features. 

The Navigation Panel

Placed on the left of your screen is a navigational panel, which can be termed our control center or headquarters. It gives you access to all the Scalenut tools and more with a single click. 

SEO Tools

The SEO Tools section is a congregation of all your SEO reports in one place. It also lets you create new SEO docs and plan detailed Keyword Clusters to strengthen your SEO game. It has three subsections - 

  • Keyword Planner- If you want to develop a content strategy with multiple related targeted keywords, Scalenut’s Keyword Planner feature lets you access numerous blog ideas within seconds. Similar to SEO Docs and AI Docs, you can access previously created clusters or create new ones within minutes.

  • Article Writer - It gives you access to all your previously compiled SEO documents. You can use the search bar to find the relevant document or the filter tag or sort option. The reports are sorted chronologically by default, but you can change that to SEO Score or the last time they were updated. In addition, you can also create new SEO documents by entering your choice of keywords and selecting the region you are targeting after clicking on the ‘Create’ button. 

  • Content Optimizer- Get real-time SEO score updates and help your content reach its full potential to see fruitful results with our Scalenut AI Content Optimizer. It optimizes your content on the basis of search engine requirements and boosts your marketing efforts with insightful and actionable data.Use our content optimizer to optimize content for related keywords, get a higher ranking, and target the right search intent.

AI Copywriter

The AI Copywriter is your Scalenut copywriting assistant. It has two sections - 

  • Templates - An assortment of over 40 AI copywriting templates to create short-form content of different types. Scroll through them, such as product descriptions, answer a question, online review generator, and more, and find the right one to create relevant content within minutes. 

  • AI Docs - This section contains all the AI copywriting documents created by you in the past via our software. You can search for a relevant document or scroll through the list and click on the respective ‘Open Document’ button to access a specific document. You can also use filter tags or sorting to find your document more easily.

App Integrations

Scalenut provides a lot of emphasis on streamlining workflows. For this, we have added app integrations with your favourite applications to let you optimise your workflow without having to switch between software. 

As of now, here are the app integrations Scalenut supports:

  • Plagiarism Checker - Scalenut has partnered with Copyscape to let you scan SEO Docs and ensure your content is plagiarism-free. 
  • Keyword Researcher - Scalenut has partnered with Semrush to let you discover and analyse trending keywords and seamlessly figure out which ones to target. 
  • Cluster Booster - Created in collaboration with Semrush, the Cluster Booster allows you to level up your content planning by helping you analyze topic clusters.
  • WordPress Publisher - We have partnered with WordPress to let users publish their SEO-optimised content on WordPress within seconds. 

Users can click on the ‘Request New App’ button if they want more such integrations to accentuate their content creation process. 

Earn Credits

Are you looking to scale your content creation process? How about getting a chance to earn up to $2,000 worth of SaaS credits which let you generate up to 1 million AI words for free? 

Yes, Scalenut gives its users a chance to earn credits by performing simple tasks. Refer to this link to learn more about our ‘Earn Credits’ program. 

My Account

The ‘My Account’ section contains all the details pertaining to your Scalenut account.

 It lets you view your past transactions and also enables you to access and edit details, such as your account password, full name, company name, and more. In addition, you can also view and edit the accounts with whom you share your Scalenut account.

Further, if you have archived any SEO Doc, AI Doc, or Keyword planner clusters they are also stored under this section. Get a view of your past AI-generated content and your favourites under the ‘AI Outputs’ section with a single click. 

Help Center

Are you new to Scalenut, or do you want clarity about a feature you have yet to use on our platform? Our ‘Help Center’ section is a one-stop solution for all your queries regarding our tools. 

Here, you will find articles divided into several categories based on the section you are looking for. Each of these pieces is a walkthrough of the tools listed on our ecosystem and how to use them to augment your content creation process effortlessly. 

It also provides access to various articles to give insights into various Scalenut tools, features, and more.