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Steps to purchase a Subscription Plan

Scalenut users can choose from three pricing plans based on their needs.

Scalenut currently has three unique plans catering to different requirements of users. We also provide a free 7-day trial of all our plans to help you get the hang of it and understand where it can fit in your ecosystem. Say, by the time the trial period ends, you decide to buy a plan. How do you do so?

Here are the steps to follow - 

  • Log into your Scalenut account and click on the My Account option in the Navigation Panel's lower half. 

  • It will open up the Account tab, which has all the relevant information pertaining to your Scalenut account, such as Email ID, Full Name, GST Number, and more.

  • Click on the Subscription tab to take you closer to buying your plan.

  • The Subscription tab presents an overview of all the Scalenut Pricing Plans. 

  • Click the Buy button in blue to redirect you to the payment portal. 

  • Now, enter your banking details and complete the payment based on the option chosen

  • Voila! Your Scalenut account is activated.