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SEO Tools

Scalenut has developed a host of tools tucked under its SEO Tools to cater to your SEO needs.

SEO Tools is a large toolkit of SEO tricks to help you with your long-form SEO initiatives. It is directly accessible on the Scalenut Dashboard under the ‘Power up your SEO’ section, or users can use the left navigation panel to access its segments. 

The SEO Tools is divided into three sections - 

  • Keyword planner
  • Article Writer
  • Content Optimizer

The SEO Tools house the Keyword Planner, a section that lets you plan and execute upcoming campaigns in tandem. 

It enables you to enter a primary keyword and uses its algorithm to churn out a cluster of relevant keywords to target for improved SEO. 

The Article Writer gives you an instant overview of all your SEO reports and their respective SEO Score and word count. 

The reports are sorted chronologically by default, but users can sort them SEO Score wise or the last time they were updated. In addition, it is also where you can create new SEO reports for targeted keywords. 

Content Optimizer improves the SEO friendliness of your content with advanced SEO scoring algorithms using related searches and top competitors. 

• On the right-hand panel of your AI editor, you can view the SEO score for your content based on the top 9 content parameters. 

• The average score and the top score are also listed there to give you an idea of the quality of the content of the top-ranking articles for your keyword. 

• Along with the score, our tool also lists down important factors and opportunities related to those sections that can be used to rank the content higher and make it ideal for your target audiences as well as search engines.

Scalenut can therefore be used to ideate, create, and optimize your content all in one place. With Scalenut, you can write better and more effective content to align your business goals and content strategy.

Optimize your content to connect with your audiences and boost your organic rankings.