Advice and answers from the Scalenut Team

Written by Meenakshi Majumder

Sensitive Content Filter

Unveil the Power of Sensitive Content Filters and how they can safeguard your digital environment.

Scalenut deploys a content filter to ensure sensitive and/or unsafe content doesn’t get produced on the platform.

Whilst most of the prompts generated are valid, we have come across cases where the filter prompting wasn’t required. These false positives are borderline cases where the underlying content filter considers the output to be sensitive/unsafe although we feel it was safe as an output. There are also some genuine cases where the industry type for which the content is being produced requires a lesser stringent filtration system.

We are introducing an option where you can send your case to Scalenut and we might be able to put you on a much-relaxed filter as per your use case.

What you can do:

1. You feel your input is getting filtered unnecessarily and in error, send us the details(use case and input given to the system) on and we will review the same. We will go through each case individually and if required the account will be put on a more flexible filter.

2. Your business requires content that might be flagged by the current content filter, in which case send us respective business details on, we will verify the same(team might ask for some authentication docs), and once verified your account will be put on a lighter filter.

Please note, no requests will be entertained on FB community/Scalenut Chat. For your case to be considered, you will have to pen down a detailed note to the above-mentioned email ID.