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Scalenut x Semrush: What is Keyword Researcher and How to use it?

Keyword Researcher powered by Semrush will provide suggestions for related keywords

What is Keyword Researcher?

Keyword Researcher powered by Semrush will provide suggestions for related keywords

to make keyword research seamless.

How will the Keyword Researcher help you?

Take your keyword research to the next level with Keyword Researcher powered by Semrush.

The keyword researcher will help you to -

  • Get keywords suggestion related to your main keyword.
  • Get relevant data like trends, competition, and search volume for the related keywords.
  • View current CPC for the keywords.
  • Create multi-keyword SEO Docs while doing keyword research

How to set up the Keyword Researcher on your account?

Follow the steps given below to connect the Keyword Researcher plug-in with your Semrush account and also use it within the Scalenut content suite.

To start using Keyword Researcher, Choose ‘App Integrations’ from the options on the left. Now, click on ‘Keyword Researcher.’

Next, when you are ready to connect, click the ‘Connect’ button on the top right.

A pop-up will appear. Here, you can enter your Semrush Account Details. 

(Note: If you do not have a Semrush account, create a new one. This plug-in works with all Semrush plans.)

Once you’ve filled in the details, click ‘Connect’. Keyword Researcher is now installed and ready to use.

Navigate to ‘SEO Docs’ from the Main Menu. You will now see the ‘Click here to power up’ button under ‘Create SEO Doc’. Click the button to start your research.

Enter the topic you would like to research keywords for, say ‘Coffee Beans’. Choose your country, and click ‘Search’.

You now see the suggestions for related keywords with Google trends, CPC, Keyword Difficulty, and Search Volume.

Choose the keywords you would like to include by clicking on the checkbox to the left of the keyword. The keyword you select first is chosen as your primary keyword. You can change the primary keyword by hovering over the selected keyword and selecting ‘Make this Primary Keyword’.

 You can select up to 21 keywords.(1 Primary + 20 Secondary)

Now, click ‘Create SEO Articl’ for a thorough keyword analysis of one or more of the chosen keywords allowing you to create multi-keyword reports.


What plans of Scalenut and Semrush support Keyword Researcher?

Keyword Researcher will work on the Growth and Pro plans of Scalenut. For Semrush, it will work for all accounts basis limits set by Semrush.

Can I connect my existing Semrush account to Scalenut?


Can I use the integration if I don’t have an active Semrush account?

You need to have an active Semrsuh account to be able to use the Integration.

I’m a Semrush customer. I don’t have a Scalenut account. How can I use the integration?

You will have to be on the Growth or Pro plan of Scalenut to use the integration. You can check out the various plan prices here

Can I get support on the Surfer and Scalenut integration?

Sure! Please contact us at or start a chat conversation.