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How to perform SEO Research?

Strong SEO research helps you create engaging, well-optimized content.

Scalenut’s AI-powered Article Writer allows you to gain deep insights into the SERP landscape in just a few minutes. Our NLP-based algorithm fetches data in real time and gives you an idea of how to fill any gaps in your content plan with SEO-friendly topics. 

The SEO tools by Scalenut create a research report that helps you go through the top 30 ranking content URLs to identify the strengths of your competitors and work on any shortcomings they have. 

Our SEO research report creates a content brief including general guidelines and outlines.

You can keep the guidelines for reference while creating your content using the outline framework. It also offers powerful insights on competition overview, outlines, questions, statistics, citations, and key terms related to your primary keyword.

The six most valuable features of our Scalenut SEO Research Report are - 

1. Competition Overview - Scalenut’s AI scans the top 30 ranking pages for that particular keyword and provides insights into them, such as average word count, average SEO Score, number and names of heading tags, and the average number of images.

The insights in ‘Top Page Statistics’ help you get an idea of competitor trends to decide what parameters you can include in your content to optimize it. It Scores every piece of ranking content based on our proprietary content quality algorithm. 

Scalenut’s Competition Overview section also includes metric trends, which include graphical visualisations for each top-ranking URL. This section makes it easier to observe the common trends among competitors to frame your content piece accordingly. 

In the top right of this section, there are four parameter options: SEO Score,word count, images, and H tags.

In the visualization graph, the horizontal axis denotes the rank of the URL, ranging from 1 to 30. The vertical axis represents the measure of each statistic. You can click on each option to observe the trends for it. 

You can also click on the ‘View’ icon to read the entire article without opening new tabs. You can also insert it as a reference to your content brief by simply clicking on the ‘Insert as reference’ option. 

2. Outlines - The ‘Outlines’ section is the most powerful section of the Scalenut SEO report that includes the basic framework of the web pages with the top spots in the SERP, along with their SEO Score. You can also sort these by their rank and SEO Scoreand use them to create the structure of your content.

3. Questions - The ‘Questions’ functionality of the Scalenut SEO report helps you identify what queries your customers are asking around your primary keyword. It analyzes data across different platforms like Quora, Google, and Reddit. 

Along with that, it also gives you suggestions for some brilliant AI-generated questions. Through this section, you can optimize your content to address what your audiences want to know.

4. Statistics - Stating and writing content is easy. Backing up what you are saying with convincing evidence is harder. That is why Scalenut brings you strong research-based statistics to add to your content. Any time you are trying to make a point about something, backing it up with a statistic is one of the best ways to convince your reader of the accuracy of what you’re saying

Backing up your point with a statistic is one of the best methods to convince your reader of the reliability of your content and make them trust what you are stating in your content. With the competitive landscape of content marketing today, using statistics is one way to make sure that your content stands out to be more valuable.  

The statistics section of Scalenut provides you with concrete data points of top-ranking articles that you can use in your content. You can also search among these statistics using the search box given at the top right of the article. Add statistics to your content to increase your credibility and create a rich content experience.

5. Citations - The ‘Citations’ section of your SEO report gives you an idea of the most commonly cited links in the top 30 web pages. By linking to these cited web pages, you can boost the credibility of your content. These citations can help your user gain confidence in your website and the overall quality of your web page. 

6. Key Terms - Scalenut’s ‘Key Terms’ functionality uses state-of-the-art NLP technology to identify keywords to add to your content that are semantically related to your primary keyword. These are the primary terms that help a search engine understand what topic you are addressing and help you rank. 

You can sort these key terms based on their frequency, importance, and use of these keywords in headings. You can click on the blurb and see how that term is used across different articles. You can use these terms to make your content more comprehensive and discoverable.

You can use the content brief generated to form your content or let Scalenut’s AI work its magic by clicking on the ‘Create Content’ button.

The integrated AI editor and our powerful Cruise Mode will use the researched data and insights to produce the first draft of high-ranking informative content in just 5 minutes.