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Written by Meenakshi Majumder

Need help to Connect with WordPress to Link Manager?

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If you have added the Link Manager script in your WordPress domain via any plugin and still you are unable to verify? There might be 2 reasons: 

Reason 1: JavaScript Optimization Plugin

If you are using WP Rocket (a popular caching and performance optimization plugin on your website) or Speed Optimizer, there might be a chance that the link manager script will not get verified. The issue with this plugin is that it changes the working of all the external scripts on the website (be it Gtag manager etc). 

If your website has WP Rocket plugin enabled, below is the Step-by-Step guide to exclude link manager script from WP Rocket:


Step 1: Open the WP Rocket plugin page:

  • Navigate to your WordPress dashboard. 

  • Click on "Settings" and select "WP Rocket" to open the plugin's configuration page.

Step 2: Navigate to File Optimization settings:

  • Once in WP Rocket's settings, locate the "File Optimization" tab.

  • Here, you will find various options that can affect script loading, such as Delay Javascript Execution, Minify JavaScript Files, and Defer JavaScript Files.

Step 3: Exclude script from WP Rocket:

You can exclude the link manager script from 3 places: "Minify Javascript files", "Defer JavaScript Files" and "Delay Javascript execution". Below are the steps to exclude from these locations:

Note: If you have all the fields enabled, please exclude the script from all the sections. 

Step 4: Save Your Changes

After adding the script URL to the necessary exclusion fields, save your changes to apply them.



Click on ‘Speed Optimizer’


From the dropdown menu, go to ‘Frontend’ option.


Next, select ‘Javascript’


Navigate to ‘Combine JavaScript Files’ 


Disable the toggle button.


Finally clear cache by clicking on ‘Purge SG Cache’

Reason 2: Unflushed Cache

An unflushed cache can store the website's previous versions and can take time to update the changes. To fix this, after installing the link manager script, clear your website’s cache through your WP Rocket settings or any other caching solutions you may be using.

If the script is still not appearing, or if you are experiencing any other issues, reach out to link manager support for personalized assistance.