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Narrow keyword

While creating SEO reports at Scalenut, you might face problems creating adequate reports whilst using narrow or niche keywords. This article will guide you on how to resolve this problem if it ever arises as soon and as conveniently as possible.

Using Broader Keywords

If you are unable to generate an adequate report with a narrow keyword, we suggest using broader keywords as sometimes narrow keywords may limit the results. We recommend understanding what you are aiming to produce in a report and express it using broader keywords that encompass the narrow keywords.

Contact Us for Assistance:

However, if you have trouble doing so or the problem still persists, simply reach out to our Customer Support Team. We will gladly guide you through the next steps and promptly assist you in finding a resolution.

Here's how to contact us for assistance:

1. Choose the most convenient method to reach our customer support team, such as live chat or email -

2. To connect with a Customer Representative for a quick resolution, click on the chat option located in the bottom right corner.

3. Explain your situation and provide the necessary details, including your account information (E-mail ID). 

Solution Process:

Once you have contacted the team, you can let us know about the keywords that are generating results that might not be adequate enough for you. Depending on the situation, we will promptly assist you in suggesting broader/other keywords that will be suitable for you and those that encompass what you want to express. Moreover, we will ensure that all obstacles are resolved in the best way possible.