Advice and answers from the Scalenut Team

Written by Meenakshi Majumder

Link Manager - An Overview

Want to learn more about link manager? You're at the right place!

The Link Manager tool is a versatile solution designed to streamline the process of internal linking on your website. It offers suggestions for internal links and facilitates their deployment directly onto your site, simplifying the management of your site's internal link architecture.The best part? Scalenut’s Link Manager is available as an add-on for all our plans. 

If you haven’t yet connected your domain to the Link Manager, here’s how 

Before we begin, here are some terms to know -

  • Domain Strength - Domain strength refers to the overall authority, credibility, and influence of a specific domain on the internet. It is a measure of how well a domain is perceived by search engines, users, and other websites. 

  • Pages Crawled - The number of pages crawled in a domain to find internal linking opportunities out of total pages.

  • New Linking Opportunities - Number of unique internal linking opportunities found in the domain.

  • Link Status Split - Gives an overall idea of link status over a domain level.

  • Current Inbound - It represents traffic from other internal pages within your own website that direct users to the current page.

  • Current Outbound - These are links from the current page on your website that direct users to other internal pages.

  • Link Status - The combined status of the current inbound and outbound links of the page URL.

  • Recommended Action - Suggested steps to optimize or rectify the link situation based on analysis.

  • View Past Fixes - "View past fixes" refers to accessing a log or history of previously implemented solutions or actions. This feature allows users to review past resolutions for reference, analysis, or auditing purposes.

Now that we’ve covered all the terms and what they mean, read this quick guide to understand the steps of implementing the changes.