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Keyword Planner : Overview and Benefits

Keyword Planner helps you develop topical authority, increase content rankings and drive organic traffic to your website.

In a world full of competition, it is crucial to stand out and establish an authority to reach your target audiences. Keywords help you do exactly that - establish your dominance online in your niche. Keyword Planner can be understood as a group of related topics that collectively cover a broad theme. They provide contextual support to your content and help you establish topical authority in the industry.

Although building keyword clusters as a part of your content strategy is tedious and takes time, it is surely a rewarding process. It is beneficial as it helps you display authority, increasing the rankings for your pages and, therefore, driving more organic traffic in the long term. 

Using Scalenut’s keyword planner, you can establish your subject matter expertise and help users find your content by creating a strong internal linking framework. It anticipates the follow-up questions of your users and provides them with the right content. This keeps users engaged and increases conversion rates. Let us first understand why you need keyword clusters and how it benefits your content strategy.

1. Keyword planner enhances the organization and planning of your content

Keyword Planner helps you organize the content pages on your site with a clear and planned site architecture. Keyword Planner allows you to cover broad subjects and dominate different categories of keywords in organic search results.

Keyword Planner enhances context, authority, and relevance. The clusters created by Scalenut also help in keyword research to group your target terms into buckets so that you have an organized list of keywords on which you can create your content. As a result, you will have a more unified content strategy, and your content pieces will better resonate with your customers.

2. Creating content through Keyword Planner establishes you as an expert in your field

Keyword Planner encourages improved SEO practices by linking the topic cluster pages to the pillar page, giving your blog authority over a particular topic. It shows that your website holds industry expertise and includes lots of helpful in-depth content about the key topics related to your industry.

Using Keyword Planner in your strategy will help Google identify that your pages are relevant to the specific queries of the users and more authoritative than your competitors. 

3. Keyword Planner helps in increasing the speed of content production

It is often said that an hour of planning can save you ten hours of doing. We believe that. Hence Scalenut’s AI does the bulk of the work for you by doing the necessary research and creating Keyword Planner for your content needs. 

We generate various Keyword clusters for you, from which you can select and choose the one that best aligns with your business needs. You can further create a comprehensive SEO report of the top-ranking articles and even generate content within just a few minutes using our tools powered by the latest AI technologies.

4. They help you form more comprehensive content

With a proper topic cluster, you can avoid gaps or overlaps in your content. People turn to Google for answers to their queries. When you understand how and why your users search, you can identify their pain points and intentions behind a query. 

Through this, you can recognize where they are in the conversion funnel and how to direct them to the next stage. Keyword clusters created by our platform help you build content around a core topic, solving multiple pain points for several unique users at different stages of the funnel. When you solve the problems faced by potential customers repeatedly, they will seek you out when they are ready to convert.

5. Keyword Planner provides a better ranking and linking opportunities

The hub pages for your specific topic act as pillar pages. The pillar page links to multiple cluster pages that cover the sub-topics in depth. Keyword Planner helps you rank higher on Google. A search engine nowadays doesn't only look for keywords in your content to rank it higher. Instead, it also analyzes the searcher’s intent and looks for synonyms, sub-topics, and answers to some common questions of the users for that topic.

Searchers looking for a specific answer to their query can use many different phrases in search engines. Search engines identify the connections across these queries. Scalenut’s Keyword Planner generator analyzes the topical context behind the user’s search intent. It then ties it back to similar searches in the past, and, accordingly, provides you with queries you can use to create or optimize your content. 

Scalenut’s Keyword Planner, thus, helps you befriend the algorithm to get your content to rank higher and establish authority.

Use Scalenut’s Keyword Planner today to plan your content strategy. Display topical authority in the eyes of Google and your users, increase rankings for your content and drive more organic traffic to your website in the long term using our Keyword Planner tool.