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Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts in processes make accomplishing tasks faster and increase productivity. Let’s have a look at the keyboard shortcuts of the SEO Hub.

There are various shortcuts that help in creating content easier and faster.

Let’s look at them. Open the SEO doc from the  ‘Article Writer’ and click on ‘Help’ on the top and then click on ‘Pro Tips.’

After clicking on ‘Pro Tips,’ you will see the list of keyboard shortcuts that can be used in the Editor.

The following are the shortcuts you can use in the Editor. However, kindly note that:

  • The “Command” functions are for macOS users.
  • The “Control” functions are for Windows users.

(Command/Ctrl + K) - Write

Place your cursor from where you want to continue writing in the working space. Click on Ctrl+K. The AI will read the 1500 characters behind your cursor and start writing ahead.

(Command/Ctrl + Shift + K) - Rewrite with AI

Use this shortcut to re-run the last AI operation used by you.

(Command/Ctrl + 1/2/3/4/5/6 ) - Shortcut for Heading-tags 

Select the text and use this keyboard shortcut to change the heading tag. For example, use “CMD/CTRL + 2” to make the selected text H2 (Heading 2).

Scalenut Blinder

In order to best understand the content’s context, AI considers the entire existing content to generate a fresh content output. But if you want the AI to ignore a specific part of your content, you can use the Scalenut Blinder function.

Just type ### after the word till where you want the AI to ignore your content. You can use this to avoid repetition and create unique content for different sections/subsections.

AI Template

The “AI Templates” feature is a collection of the most used type of content. From engaging questions to meta descriptions or conclusions, you can create any type of content using templates.

Select the template you want, enter your topic, keywords, context, etc. and click CTRL+G to generate content.