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Irrelevant content

At Scalenut, we understand that sometimes the AI might generate content that may change the direction/pattern of your content and distract the content from its essence. To avoid such irrelevant content and to generate more to the point content, you can refer to this article which provides solutions to the aforementioned problem.

How to Avoid Irrelevant Content?

The Scalenut AI creates content based on your keywords, provided ideas, questions and more. It is possible to generate content that is not important and does not add to the content in any way. Here is how to avoid that:

  • Using SERP ideas: SERP ideas is a feature offered by Scalenut, which helps you generate more credible and fresher content using keywords and information that you provide. You can refer to this article here to learn more about how to use SERP ideas and use them to your benefit.
  • Diversify your points: We suggest that you add more points, questions and keywords using the Scalenut features to give the AI a better head start and to diversify your content.
  • Avoid parts of your content: If there are parts of your content that you don't want the AI to write more about or slightly repetitive parts, you can use the Blinder option. All you have to do is type “###” wherever you want the AI to avoid the content.

Contact Us for Assistance:

However, if you have trouble doing so or the problem still persists, simply reach out to our Customer Support Team. We will gladly guide you through the next steps and promptly assist you in finding a resolution.

Here's how to contact us for assistance:

1. Choose the most convenient method to reach our customer support team, such as live chat or email -

2. To connect with a Customer Representative for a quick resolution, click on the chat option located in the bottom right corner.

3. Explain your situation and provide the necessary details, including your account information (E-mail ID). 

Working Together for a Solution:

If your problem persists or if you have trouble reducing irrelevant content, our Customer Support will assist you in fixing the problem by understanding your situation and guiding you through it as conveniently as possible.