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How to write engaging social media copies using the AI copywriter?

Scalenut has a social media post template that lets you use AI’s prowess to generate social media posts and see the desired results.

Social media has become one of the vital marketing platforms and has received immense traction in the last few years. If used well, it can help boost your endeavours significantly. So, Scalenut has developed a host of social media templates to let you harness AI for your cause and create compelling posts quickly and efficiently. 

Social Media Post Templates - A Sample Walkthrough

  • You can find social media posts under “Templates” in the AI Copywriter

  • Enter your brand name, a brief description of what you do, and the context of the post. Click on the ‘Generate’ button and wait a few seconds for the AI to churn out relevant results. 

  • If you like the results, click on the ‘Add to Editor’ option to edit it further. 

  • Alternatively, you can click the ‘Generate More’ option to request AI to generate more relevant social media post results.