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How to write engaging e-mails using AI copywriter?

Emailing is still a primary way for businesses to reach potential clients. Check out the Email Copywriter templates to help you ace the email game.

Emails are one of the best ways to generate leads and continue to top the list of marketing trends. Scalenut has introduced a couple of email templates to help you amplify its impact and create email copy that helps convert your target audience into clients. These use AI to streamline the creation process and let you automate a number of your operations without hampering your efficiency.

Email Copywriter Templates

Here are the Scalenut Email Copywriter templates you need to know of - 

  • Catchy Email Subject Lines - A good email subject line is a job half well done. Use this template to create catchy subject lines that help increase your email open rates. Enter your brand’s name, a brief description of it, and an explanation of what the email will be about, and click on ‘Generate’ for the AI to suggest eye-catching email headlines within a few seconds. 
  • Sales Email Generator - An email that sells well can bring in a lot of positive traction for you. You can use this template to create engaging email content that helps you convert your audience into potential clients. 

Start by entering your brand name and your product/service description. Now, add the email context and the sender’s designation, and click the ‘Generate’ button to get multiple sales email suggestions in the blink of your eye. 

Email Copywriter Templates - A Sample Walkthrough 

  • Click on the ‘Templates’ option tucked under the ‘AI Copywriter’ header in the navigation panel. 
  • Now, scroll through the categories available and choose ‘Email Copywriting.’ Alternatively, use the search bar to look for the email copywriting template of your choice. 

  • For example, you can choose the ‘Catchy Email Subject Lines’ template. Enter the name of your brand, a description of the product, and the context of the email. Click the ‘Generate’ button for the AI to weave its magic.

  • Select a set of subject headlines that match your requirements and add them to the Scalenut Editor for further refinement using the included ‘Add to Editor’ option. 

  • If you're looking for more options, click the ‘Generate More’ button.