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Written by Pooja Sharma

How to write engaging e-mails using Marketing copywriter?

Emailing is still a primary way for businesses to reach potential clients. Check out the Email Copywriter templates to help you ace the email game.

Email Copywriting Templates

There are various templates available in the Email Copywriting category. Take a look at the image below to check them out. Email Copywriting Templates - A Sample Walkthrough 


Select ‘Marketing Copywriter’ available in the Scalenut navigation panel. 


You can find Email Copywriting in the Templates section. Select it from the categories available or search for it from the search bar.


Choose an email copy template of your choice. For example, take the ‘Catchy Email Subject Lines’ template.


Enter your brand name, description and what is the email about. Then, click on ‘Generate.’

For example -

Please Note:

Select a set of subject headlines that match your requirements and add them to the Editor for further refinement using the ‘Add to Editor’ option. 

Or, you can click on the ‘Generate More’ button if you would like to review more results for the same purpose. Once satisfied with the result, add it to the editor. You can use it as it is or edit it per your needs and requirements.