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How to write catchy advertisement copies?

We have a range of advertisement copy templates that will help you curate copies for the most popular online platforms.

Today, most businesses sell their offerings online. For this, they often undertake advertisement endeavours across popular campaigns, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, and also look to amplify their Google presence. Scalenut has introduced a range of advertisement copy templates that can act as a key enabler in helping boost your presence across social media and on the internet. 

Advertisement Copy Templates

Here are the advertisement copy templates Scalenut has on offer - 

  • Facebook Headlines - Headlines are inadvertently the first thing your target audience comes across. If they are not engaging enough, your content may not be able to deliver the same impact as you desire. This template helps you generate high-selling Facebook headlines for your ad. All you have to do is to enter your brand name and a short description of what you are selling to get relevant results within a few seconds. 
  • Google Descriptions - Expand your customer base by creating engaging Google Ad descriptions with Scalenut’s AI. This template will help increase sales and gain higher click-through by delivering high-converting copy within seconds. Enter your brand name, a brief description of what you are looking to sell, and the keywords you are targeting. Tap on the ‘Generate’ button to proceed. 
  • Google Headlines - Great headlines are a key to enticing users to perform the desired action. Google Headline templates let you generate just that and more. Enter the brand name, description of the product/service you want to sell, and keywords to target, and click on ‘Generate’ for the AI to churn relevant results for you. 
  • Facebook Primary Text - Facebook has been one of the most popular social media platforms and has been instrumental in brands widening their reach. This template lets you create awe-inspiring primary texts for your Facebook Ad copy. Feed your brand name and a description of your offerings, and let AI weave its magic. 
  • LinkedIn Text Ads Headline - LinkedIn has gained immense popularity in the last few years and is considered one of the best places for brand building. This template helps create the necessary hooks for your LinkedIn posts, which is instrumental in networking and reaching a wider audience. All you need is to enter your brand and a description of what it is about, and the algorithm will provide you with multiple LinkedIn headline options for your advertisements. 
  • LinkedIn Text Ads Description - Are you looking to amplify your LinkedIn ads to reach a wider audience? This template can help you create compelling ad descriptions especially curated for LinkedIn, within seconds. Start by feeding your brand name and a description of what you sell, and click the ‘Generate’ button to get relevant results. 
  • Google My Business - Description - Google My Business is about displaying your brand for the world to see. You can use this template to create an attractive Google description that explains what you offer and helps convert. Start by entering your brand’s name and provide a brief description of what it does to give AI context. Click on ‘Generate’ and wait a few seconds for the algorithm to come up with relevant results. 

Advertisement Copy Templates - A Sample Walkthrough

  • Users can get access to these templates by clicking on the ‘Template’ option under the ‘AI Copywriter’ heading in the navigation panel. 
  • Select the ‘Advertisement Copy Templates’ category to filter the relevant templates and choose a template of your choice. For example, let us choose the ‘Google My Business - Description’ template. 

  • Now, enter your brand name and a brief description of what it does. Click on ‘Generate.’

  • Click the ‘Add to Editor’ button against the description you'd like to add to the Scalenut Editor.

  • If you want more options, click the ‘Generate More’ button and wait a few seconds for the AI to churn out more results.