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How to write a Product Description?

Scalenut has a range of product description templates to help you curate content for product-based needs.

If you are running a business, it is highly likely that you frequently need product descriptions. Scalenut AI Copywriting allows you to create compelling product description copy that enables you to attract, engage, and convert prospective individuals into permanent clients. 

Product Description Categories

Scalenut has templates for different product description types. Here are the product description categories to choose from based on your needs -

  • Product Descriptions - Short descriptions to explain what you sell concisely. Enter your brand name, provide a brief description, and click the ‘Generate’ button to let AI weave its magic. 
  • Product Feature List - Create a bulleted list highlighting your product’s USPs to make it an easy sell. These lists are a great way to attract customers that like crisp descriptions with features clearly highlighted to augment their decision-making.
  • E-commerce Product Description - A template to help create product descriptions for your e-commerce store. Entice your customers with excellent product descriptions that propel them to click on the ‘Buy’ button every time. 
  • Customer Review Responder - Get ideas to respond to your customers professionally. Type in your brand name, enter the customer review, and click the ‘Generate’ button for AI to conjure a suitable answer. 
  • Online Review Generator - Generate impactful reviews for brands and products you care about. Enter the product name, a brief description in your words, features of the product you like, and tap on the ‘Generate’ button.

How to use Product Description Templates?

Here is how you can use the Scalenut Product Description Template to create impeccable, engaging descriptions for items in your catalog

  • Click on ‘Templates’ under the ‘AI Copywriter’ heading in the navigation panel.

  • Click on the ‘Product Descriptions’ option, and select the template of your choice. Or use the search bar to look for it. For example, you can choose the ‘Product Descriptions’ template.

  • You need to enter some details to let the AI get some insight into what you are looking for. Enter your brand name and a basic product highlight, and try to include the keywords to use. 

  • Click the ‘Generate’ button and wait a few seconds to let the AI churn relevant results. 

  • Add the relevant results to the Scalenut by clicking on the ‘Add to Editor’ option. If you need more results, click the ‘Generate More’ button in blue on the lower right corner of your screen. 

The process remains the same for any product description template you choose.