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How to write a Product Description?

Scalenut has a range of product description templates to help you curate content for product-based needs.

If you are running a business, you will need product descriptions. It is where Scalenut’s Marketing Copywriter comes into play.

The tool has various templates, including a Product Description Template, to cater to your content needs. This template empowers you to craft irresistible product descriptions that draw in, captivate, and transform potential prospects into loyal customers.

Product Description Categories

There are various templates available in the Product Description category. Take a look at the image below to check them out.

How to use Product Description Templates?

Here is how you can use the Scalenut Product Description Template to create impeccable, engaging descriptions for items in your catalog.


Select the Template of your choice.


Let’s consider you want to create a Product Description for a scented candle. All you’d need to do is click on the template, and input the details. Once done, click ‘Generate’.


The tool will generate a handful of results. If you like one or more of those, you can click on the respective ‘Add to Editor’ option for them to be added. You can also “like” or “dislike” a generated response by clicking on the icons at the bottom left of each response.


Or, You can click on the ‘Generate More’ button if you would like to review more results for the same purpose. 


Once satisfied with the result, add it to the editor. You can use it as it is or edit it per your needs and requirements.

Voila! Your product description is ready!