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How to use the various Article Copywriting templates?

Several article copywriting elements augment readability and engagement. Use our Article Copywriting templates to create optimised content.

We often associate copywriting with short-form content only. But there are instances when it can find use in long-form, too, with certain elements such as meta descriptions, headings, and more. To create these and help you with your long-form content endeavor, Scalenut has developed several article copywriting templates.

Article Copywriting Templates

Listed below are all the Scalenut article copywriting templates you should know about - 

  • Blog Outline Creator - Looking to save time otherwise spent on creating blog outlines manually? Scalenut’s Blog Outline Creator lets you create precise content structures within minutes. 

  • Enter the blog topic, give some context to the AI, and wait for it to churn relevant results. 

  • Paragraph Generator - Are you suffering from writer’s block, or do you need help with a specific paragraph? Scalenut has a template that lets you harness AI’s power to generate a section within minutes. Enter the H2/H3/H4 you need a para on, and click the ‘Generate’ button for the AI to weave its magic. 
  • Sentence Rewriter - We often do not like specific sentences but run out of ideas to rephrase them. Scalenut’s Sentence Rewriter template can seamlessly rewrite sentences within seconds. Enter the original sentence and click the ‘Generate’ button and we will rewrite it for you. 
  • Heading to a Paragraph - Headings are one of the toughest elements to ace and one of the critical drivers of audience attention. Enter the topic and the subheading, and click the ‘Generate’ button. The Heading to a Paragraph template will suggest several headings that make the cut. 
  • Meta Description - Meta descriptions are a way to convey what your audience can expect from the piece without having to click on them. Scalenut’s Meta Description template can help create SEO-friendly meta descriptions to boost your engagement. Enter the topic, provide a brief description and set of keywords, and click the ‘Generate’ button to create compelling meta descriptions within seconds. 
  • Introduction Paragraph - Your blogs deserve a perfect start. If you have difficulty conjuring the right words, let Scalenut AI do it for you. Enter the topic and click the ‘Generate’ button to get started. 
  • Blog Title Creator - The blog title creator template can help you create impactful titles that can motivate people to click through and give your content a read. Enter your target keyword in the template and click on ‘Generate’ to create a flurry of relevant blog titles within seconds.
  • Conclusion Paragraph - Looking to conclude your blog posts on a high and with carefully embedded CTAs? Use this template to create conclusions that propel your audience toward the desired action with this template. Enter the outline and the CTA to embed, and click the ‘Generate’ button. 
  • Blog Ideas - Are you looking to create content but are short of ideas? This template will help curate a range of blog ideas that are relevant to your target audience and can help achieve the desired traction. Enter your brand name, describe your products/services, and click the ‘Generate’ button to access amazing blog ideas within seconds. 
  • Simplify a Sentence - Long and complex sentences hurt readability and increase the bounce rate. Enter the sentence to simplify in this template and get the streamlined result with a single click. 
  • First Person to Third Person Convertor - Now convert your content in the first-person voice to a third-person tone within a few minutes. Enter the sentences you want to convert in this template and tap on the ‘Generate’ button to get results within seconds. 
  • Active to Passive Converter - Passive voice occasionally used within your content helps establish authenticity. Enter the sentence you want to convert, and our AI template will oblige. 
  • Passive to Active Converter - Active voice improves readability and helps bring much-needed clarity to your content. Enter the passive sentences you want to convert in this template and convert them with a single click.