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How to add tags and use them to manage your SEO Docs?

Tags are an innovative Scalenut addition to help you find your documents and better manage users who can access them.

Tags are integral to manage how and who accesses your Scalenut reports (both AI Docs and SEO Docs). Scalenut Pro users with multi-person access can use tags intelligently to streamline the workflow and manage how much access each user has. Let us understand how

  • You can use tags to find reports with a single click. Head to the report you want to add a tag to and click on the associated ‘Add Tag’ button to proceed. 

  • Add the relevant tag to the report and click on ‘Ok’ to accept the change. For example, you have a blog titled “How to be a billionaire by 35?” You can tag it under ‘finance’ or ‘personal finance,’ as the case may be. 

  • If the relevant tag is not present, you can type the same in its search bar (maximum 20 characters) and click on ‘Ok’ to create a new label. 

  • The uses of these tags are versatile, and the intent can include improving workflow and productivity. For example, you can use the names of your team members as tags and allocate them to the relevant reports.

How to Search for a Report Using Tags?

You can also use tags to look for a Scalenut report. Here are the steps to follow - 

  • Click on the ‘Filter Tags’ option on the right of the search bar.
  • You can type a new tag name (maximum 20 characters) or select one or more tags to filter content and look for a report attached to them.
  • Users can alternatively use the search bar to look for a particular document. Type in the report name, and Scalenut will show you the relevant document. 
  • You can also use the ‘Sort By’ option to sort your reports based on a specific criterion (created at, updated at, or content grade) and quickly look for the requisite document.