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Uses of Scalenut Chrome Extension

Scalenut Chrome Extension includes features such as AI templates, rephrasing, and simplifying complex sentences used to create engaging content.

Scalenut Chrome Extension is a beneficial tool for all the content professionals out there. With our AI-powered extension, you can produce instant content within seconds across various platforms. It saves ample time while reducing your effort to develop consistent content.

The Scalenut extension is a powerful AI-based Chrome extension created for writers wanting to produce original content with relevant information and high content quality. Scalenut is your one-stop Chrome extension to help you generate content ideas, simplify sentences, rephrase them, and do a lot more. 

Scalenut's AI Writer uses a deep learning algorithm to write content like humans. By going through and analyzing hundreds of billions of pieces of text, the Scalenut tool identifies related words and sentences. It then creates content with maximum readability to engage the audience.

Let us now have a look at how to use the Scalenut AI Chrome Extension for all your content needs. 

AI Templates For Different Content Needs

Scalenut AI Templates are an easy-to-use avenue to create content. You can generate text for different content needs, such as answering a question on a community forum, writing an email, or creating engaging social media posts. You can produce unique and relevant content instantly through templates.

For example, if you are a marketer looking to send emails to acquire prospective customers, you just have to select the email template and mention the context. Our AI will produce the email content for your needs based on the provided context.

The detailed steps to use AI templates are as follows - 

Step 1 - To use the email template, go to your Gmail and enter the main points you want to cover in your email.

Step 2 - Select the entire context you provided and click on the Scalenut Chrome Extension icon that appears on your screen.

Step 3 - Click on ‘Templates,’ then select the ‘Email’ button. 

Step 4 - Our powerful AI extension will work its magic to produce an example of engaging email text in just a few seconds. 

Step 5 - You can just click on the text to insert in your email body and edit it as per your requirement.

Step 6 - If you are not satisfied with the generated email, you can create more variations of the same by clicking on the ‘redo’ icon, and our AI will produce another copy for you.

You can follow the same steps to generate content for various content needs from the Templates section, such as - 

Social Media Posts

Answer a Question

Google Ads Copy

Attention Interest Desire Action (AIDA) Copy

Problem Agitation Solution Copy

Product Description

Respond to Reviews

Engaging Questions

Facebook Primary Text 


Have you written text but are not satisfied with how it sounds? Do not worry! The rephrase feature of Scalenut Chrome Extension helps you rewrite your ideas in a more sophisticated manner. Our technology improves the language and fixes grammatical issues in your article.

The Scalenut Rephrase feature helps you write your text with inventiveness and expression.

‘Rephrase’ is a Scalenut AI-enabled feature that helps you create engaging and better versions of an existing piece of content you wrote. 

Just select the piece of text you want to rephrase, and through the Scalenut extension icon, click on the ‘Rephrase’ button.

And our AI will produce the content for you. You can use this feature to rephrase a particular sentence or your entire content. 


The Command feature of our Scalenut Chrome Extension enables you to give instructions to our powerful AI to create content as per your specific requirements. For example, let us say you are a content marketer looking to produce content regarding the importance of SEO for small businesses.

Simply type out ‘Give benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for small businesses.’ Select the text, and click on the ‘Command’ feature.

Our AI will produce content on your command for you. You can copy the content or insert it into your document by clicking the ‘Insert’ button at the bottom right.

In some cases, you may not be satisfied with the content produced and wish to generate more options for your requirements. Click on the redo icon, and our AI will create more options for you in a few seconds. You can also change your command instruction to get the desired results for your needs.


If you have started a sentence but are unsure how to finish it, Scalenut does the work for you. We know how important it is that every sentence feels complete and readable. It is to offer a piece of meaningful information to your readers. The Complete feature of the Scalenut Chrome Extension helps you complete sentences and paragraphs so that you are no longer stuck for ideas.

Select the sentence you want the AI to complete. Click on the ‘Complete’ button in the Scalenut extension’s quick access panel. 

The extension will generate an engaging ending for your sentences or paragraphs. It also generates some follow-up content to give a creative push to your content piece. 

If you like the generated content, you can use it in your piece by clicking on the ‘Insert’ option at the bottom right. You can also generate more options by clicking on the redo icon at the top right. 


It is important for you, as a content professional, to create content that is clear, concise, and comprehensive. Your information won’t be of any use to your readers if they are not able to understand it. Long and complex sentences in the content compromise the readability of your content which can also lead your customers to lose interest in your business.

The ‘Simplify’ feature of the Scalenut Chrome Extension helps you simplify any complex ideas in your content by breaking them into simple, easy-to-understand sentences.  

Select the long and complex text you want to simplify. The content could either be a sentence or a long paragraph. 

Click on the Scalenut icon on your screen and select the ‘Simplify’ option from the panel. 

Our powerful AI will analyze the selected text and understand the context to produce different simplified ways to convey the meaning. You can check the various options and “insert” the one you prefer the most. Or you can also generate more results by clicking on the redo icon on the top.

The Scalenut Chrome Extension is an easy-to-use AI writing tool that offers a limit of 2000 words in the free version. Ideal for professionals in every field, our extension helps you put your best foot forward on every platform. It helps to produce engaging, authentic, and instant content for all your personal and professional needs. 

Our extension can help you write an email or a social media post. Install and use Scalenut Chrome Extension today to never run out of ideas and beat your writer's block.