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How to Use Scalenut AI Connectors?

Scalenut AI Editor lets you add connectors to your sentences to smooth out the transition from one sentence to another.

In this guide, we will see, in detail, how we can add AI connectors to our content using Scalenut’s powerful AI editor.

Why use connectors?

Connectors increase the content quality to make it clear and comprehensive for the target users. Adding connectors in your content helps maintain the flow of one idea to another while showing a clear relationship between your thoughts, sentences, and paragraphs. Connecting words or transition words improve the overall readability of your content.

To go to our AI editor, log in to your Scalenut account, and go to the Article Writer

Open an SEO document and click on the “Create Content” feature. 

You will now be able to see the Scalenut AI editor on your screen as shown in the image below.

To use AI connectors in our editor, click on the dropdown option in the “Connectors” feature on the top AI toolbar. 

You will now get a list of six types of connectors - Addition, Contrast, Sequence, Condition, Result, and Summary. The connectors can be further expanded by hovering your cursor over them.

You can select any one of these options to add to your content by clicking on the feature. Scalenut’s AI will generate content with sentences beginning with that specific connector for you.

For instance, in my blog for “Green Tea Benefits”, I want to add a conclusion to the blog using the connector “All in all”. I click on the button and Scalenut’s powerful AI generates the content for me instantly as shown below.

Users can use any of the given options to select the starting word of the sentence and set the flow. Our AI editor will quickly process the written content and add follow-up content related to the given context.