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How to Restore a Recently Deleted article?

Have you lost an important article due to an accidental deletion? Fret not, because there's still hope to restore it!

Whether it was an unfortunate click or an unintended action, retrieving a recently deleted article is possible on Scalenut. 

This article will guide you through restoring your recently deleted content, ensuring no valuable information or hard work goes to waste. 


Head to the circular icon in the top right corner of your dashboard. Then, click the " My Account" Section. 


‘Archives’ is a sub-part of the ‘My Account’ section. On the redirected page, click  ‘Archives’ available on the left side of the navigation panel.


Once redirected to the designated screen, you'll discover a collection of all your recently deleted articles. Restoring your valuable content is as simple as clicking on the 'Restore' button associated with each article. With a single click, your previously deleted articles will be promptly recovered and made available again for immediate use.

Once you initiate the restoration process, your articles will be promptly returned to their original location, ready to be accessed and utilized as before.


To enhance your recently deleted content viewing experience, you can utilize the 'Filter By' drop-down menu.