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Written by Meenakshi Majumder

How to Push Changes in Link Manager?

Push changes live in Link Manager with just few simple steps.

Among the myriad tools and strategies at a marketer's disposal, Link Manager stands out as a cornerstone for maintaining and optimizing web links.

Here’s how you can push changes with it -


Inside the link manager dashboard, select a page URL to work on the basis of link status. 

If you see ‘Opportunity’ or ‘Action Required’, that’s your cue. In this case, click on the recommended action beside the status.


Hover on the link status, in this case, ‘opportunity’ and you’d be able to see the number of suggested inbound and outbound links that would be present in your Page URL.


Then, click on the recommended action for the page url. 


Let’s say you want to work on outbound links. Choose the paragraph from the anchor text. Then, click on the ‘Approve’ button. After you are done selecting, simply click on the cross button to close the panel.


On this screen, you’ll now be able to see the number of suggestions you have approved. Next, click on ‘Review changes’ on the down right side.


On the redirected screen, you can review the final changes. The option to edit or delete is available here. Once satisfied with the final changes, click on ‘Push changes live’

And that’s it! You’ve pushed the changes live. Relax and let the magic unfold!

Please note: The steps remain the same for inbound links.