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How to manage your SEO Articles?

Managing your SEO Docs is now easy with Scalenut.


Log in to your Scalenut account and navigate to our powerful ‘Article Writer/Cruise Mode’.


On the redirected screen, click ‘Add Tag’ available under each existing article.


Add the tag you want to give to that report. After adding a name to the tag in the given space, click on ‘Create new tag’ and then ‘OK.’

For adding an already existing tag to a report, go to that report, click on ‘Add Tag,’ and select the tag you want to give it from the existing options.

You can even add the name of a team member as a tag to assign work.

How to Search for a Report Using Tag?

You can search for a report directly by typing the report name in the ‘Search SEO Docs’ bar in the SEO Hub.

You can also search for a report through the sorting option. Click on ‘Sort by,’ and the report(s) can be sorted by the time they were created or the time they were last updated, SEO score or Status. 

Reports can also be searched through the ‘Filter Tags’ option. Click on the filter option and select the tag name. You can create a new tag from there as well by adding the text and clicking on ‘Create new tag.’

You can also share, delete, and mark your report as complete by clicking on the three dots next to the status of your report.

If you want to share your report you can select the ‘Share’ option from the options that appear after clicking on the three dots. This will then allow you to adjust your access to either ‘Read only’ or ‘Edit Access’.

You can also view the status of your report under the status option next to your respective reports as shown below. If completed, you can also set the status of your report as complete by clicking on the ‘Mark as Complete’ option from the three dots menu as shown above.