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How to make the best use of SEO AI Editor?

Welcome to Scalenut's long-form content editor, an exceptional tool to empower your content creation process. With this editor, you unlock a powerful resource that understands the context you provide but also assists you in crafting optimized and valuable content backed by well-researched data.

This article will explore the do's and don'ts of using the editor for maximum content creation success.

Let’s get started.


  • Use Cruise Mode for a High Score Seo Article

Scalenut's AI-powered tools revolutionize content creation, eliminating the challenges of expressing your ideas effectively. 

Our advanced technology is your reliable partner throughout every stage of content planning, including research, writing, editing, and SEO optimization.

By comprehending your requirements, Cruise Mode assists you in analyzing your competitors, resulting in engaging, SEO-friendly, and genuine content. It enables you to generate lengthy articles or blog posts exceeding 1500 words in just five minutes.

  • Use Commands like Write, Instruct and Connectors.

The AI Editor offers a range of powerful features that can greatly assist you in content writing:

  1. The Write with AI feature allows you to generate AI content for your chosen topic. Enter a few sentences or prompts, and by clicking the 'Write' button, the AI will produce follow-up content based on the context you provided. It's a convenient way to expand your ideas or quickly get inspiration for your writing.
  2. The 'Instruct' feature enables you to provide specific instructions to the AI. You can guide the AI's content generation process by giving clear directives.
  3. The "AI Connectors" feature helps you develop sentences that align with your desired content direction. When you want to add a specific point or transition in your content, you can utilize AI Connectors. This feature streamlines expanding your content or making logical connections between different sections.
  • Drive Organic Traffic and Increase Credibility by Inserting SERP ideas

Powered by GPT3 technology, you can use Scalenut’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ideas feature to extract facts for specific search queries from the search engines. 

Our AI-powered SERP ideas tool helps you find and add credible information to your content to make it relevant for your target audiences. In the SEO and content world, SERP ideas are crucial for generating more organic traffic. 

  • Configure the AI from the AI settings button.

To maximize the potential of our SEO AI Editor, you can customize its settings to suit your preferences. Click on the ‘gear’ icon in the top panel, and an AI configuration will appear on the sidebar.

Enter the main context of your topic and the keywords you want to include in the content. Set the length of the output and creativity limit. You can also choose whether to prioritize NLP terms or not. Once done, click on ‘Update.’ 

Remember, while configuring the AI settings provides control and customization options, reviewing and fine-tuning the generated content manually is essential. 

Combining the capabilities of the AI editor with your expertise ensures the best possible outcome for your content.

  • Include All Suggestive Key Terms.

Scalenut's SEO AI Editor offers keyword analysis and optimization and identifies the primary and secondary keywords you want to target within your content. It provides real-time suggestions on the right panel for each of the 9 parameters.

Incorporate these keywords throughout the text, including in headings, subheadings, and paragraphs. The tool also suggests keyword variations and provides recommendations to 'fix' any notable issue with the help of the 'Fix-It' module.

  • Make Use of the Formatting Toolbar.

Formatting, irrespective of long-form or short-form content, is vital in augmenting the overall idea you want to emphasize, contributes to improved readability and engagement, and allows readers to skim through the content when needed without missing much.

Scalenut has added a formatting toolbar in its Editor, which houses a collection of the most important formatting tools to help you with your content endeavors. You can pick from various functionalities and use them to enhance your content framing.

  • Track Progress and SEO Score.

Monitor the performance of your content using our 9 SEO parameters available on the right panel of your AI Editor screen. Use these parameters to measure key metrics like organic traffic, search engine rankings, and user engagement to evaluate the effectiveness of AI-driven optimizations. Then, make adjustments as needed based on the insights gained from the data.

  • Balance Suggestions by Adding a Human Touch.

While AI tools can be highly beneficial, they are not infallible. You can consider using your expertise and creativity in conjunction with the AI suggestions. 

All you need to do is strive for a balance between the tool's recommendations and your understanding of your target audience, industry-specific knowledge, and overall content strategy.


  • Do not spend much time on Manual Research.

With Scalenut's AI-powered editor, you can significantly reduce the time spent on manual research. Our platform leverages advanced algorithms to analyze vast data, extract valuable insights, and provide comprehensive research results. By automating the research process, you can save time and focus more on crafting compelling content.

  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing.

Keyword stuffing can harm your content's readability and overall SEO performance. It is why Scalenut's AI tools offer keyword analysis and optimization suggestions to help you strike the right balance. By following these recommendations, you can incorporate relevant keywords seamlessly into your content, improving its visibility in search engine rankings without compromising quality.

  • Do not Exceed the Suggested Word Limit.

Maintaining an appropriate word limit is essential for user experience, readability, and SEO optimization. Scalenut's AI Editor suggests word limits based on industry standards and user preferences. Sticking to these recommendations ensures that your content remains concise, focused, and engaging. Avoiding excessive wordiness helps retain reader interest and encourages better search engine visibility.