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How to use the 'Instruct' button?

Scalenut’s SEO Tools Editor allows you to give instructions to AI to create original, engaging, and optimised content as per your requirement.

Scalenut hosts AI features, you can design the content with our AI with just a few prompts or tweak it through some instructions to personalise it to your needs. 

With our “Instruct” feature, you can give direction to your thoughts and command AI to create content as per your personal or professional requirements. Let us now take a look at how you can use our Instruct feature to let AI develop content for you.

The instruct mode is present in our Scalenut Article Writer’s editor. To go there, log in to your Scalenut account and go to Article Writer from your left navigation panel. 

Once you open the Article Writer, and type in your Primary Keyword and target location. Open the Editor by clicking on your Primary Keyword.

You can use our instruct feature when you feel that the context is not adding value or the AI is not producing content as per your requirement. Here, the Instruct AI option can help you give instructions to AI so that it can form your content according to your needs.

For instance, suppose you want to create content about the benefits of Search engine optimization. Type in “What are Scented Candles and How Do They Work?’’, select the text, and click the ‘Instruct’ button.

For instance, I want to generate content on “What are Scented Candles and How Do They Work?

Giving instructions to AI with our Scalenut AI Editor is as simple as that! As the world transforms into a digital mode, marketers have a need to produce content at breakneck speed to keep up with the growing demand and reach their target audiences.