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How to generate engaging Video content with AI Copywriter?

Scalenut has introduced some video content templates to make life easier for video creators.

The growth of the demand for video content has meant that more and more users are looking to create video content for their audience. So, Scalenut has developed a series of video content templates to help users streamline the written parts, such as script outline, title, and more. These templates use AI’s prowess to help generate competent and compelling content within minutes. 

Video Content Templates

Here are the Scalenut video content templates on offer - 

  • Video Title - Compelling video titles are a must-have when aiming to maximise your reach. Tell the AI what the video is about, and it will give you a range of video title suggestions to woo your audience. 
  • Video Script Outline - Most of the professional videos we shoot are not impromptu and instead are based on a script. So, Scalenut has a Video Script Outline template that lets you enter the video title you have in mind and provides you with thought-provoking outline suggestions for your script. 
  • Video Description - By now, most of you have realised that video SEO is a thing and YouTube and other platforms prioritise your content based on many factors. One of those factors is the video description and the keywords you include. Enter the video title in this template and wait a few seconds for Scalenut’s AI to return with relevant results. 
  • Video Hook & Introduction - How well you begin your video and the hooks you include are instrumental in deciding your content’s reach and popularity. This template helps generate content that will keep your audience hooked, along with a suitable introduction to engage them. Enter your video title and click on ‘Generate’ to get started. 

Video Content Templates - A Sample Walkthrough

  • Click on the ‘Templates’ option under the ‘AI Copywriter’ header in the navigation panel.
  • Select the ‘Video Content’ option from the range of templates available.

  • Select the video content template of your choice. For example, select the ‘Video Title’ template to generate a compelling title for your upcoming video. 

  • Enter a short description of what the video is about. For example, you want to create a video about how Google is looking to promote human-created content. Enter the relevant description and click on ‘Generate.’

  • Add any titles you liked to the Scalenut Editor by clicking the ‘Add to Editor’ button.

  • Click the ‘Generate More’ button to see more relevant results pertaining to your video title need