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How to fix the issues that you might be facing while checking plagiarism.

Facing issues while checking plagiarism? Here are some errors that you might be facing and the solutions to that.

Error message : Sorry, you have exceeded the limit of $(limit) per search. Go to your Copyscape account and increase the limit per search

You might be receiving this error even after having enough credits in your Copyscape account. This happens when you have a limit per search set on your Copyscape account.

Follow this easy six-step solution to fix this error : 

Step 1 - Go to your Copyscape account

Step 2 - Click "My Account" given at the top right menu

Step 3 - Look for the "Limit per search" dropdown field

Step 4 - Select whatever you think will be the max number of words (accordingly $) you want to check for plagiarism

Step 5 - Click on "Save Changes" given at the bottom

Step 6 - After following these steps, try to check the plagiarism again on the Scalenut editor.

In case you still face this issue or any other error, contact Scalenut support via chat or write to us at