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How to edit your personal details?

In content creation and optimization, having a centralized hub to manage and access essential features is key.

Scalenut's 'My Account’, conveniently located in the top-right corner of the dashboard, serves as the command center for your content journey. 

While it may initially seem packed with features, this section is a treasure trove of tools and functionalities designed to empower new and experienced users.

Here’s where you will find the ‘My Account’ section on your Scalenut Dashboard -

Within Scalenut's comprehensive 'My Account' tab lies a hidden gem—the 'Profile' section, which helps you manage and update your information to align with your content strategy and goals.

To edit your personal details in the 'Profile' section of Scalenut's 'My Account' tab, follow these 2 simple steps:


Click on the ‘Edit Profile’ option marked in blue on the right side of your screen.


On the redirected page, you can revise your personal information, including your complete name, company name, contact details, or GST number. Once you have made the required modifications, choose the 'Update Profile' option to save them.

Voila! You've successfully updated your details.

Please note: Scalenut lets you edit your details, barring the email ID originally used for Scalenut account creation. In that case, we’d request you to reach out to us on chat or to email us at, along with your reason for the email change.