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How to create website copies using AI Copywriter templates?

Website copy templates help generate AI-powered headings and hero texts to help streamline your website content.

Website copy is a necessity to inform and entice your audience. Integrating several elements from taglines to hero text, website copy plays a crucial role in improving conversions and ensuring your products/services reach a wider audience. Scalenut has introduced a host of website copy templates to let you use the power of AI for improved copy generation. 

Different Website Copy Templates

Here are the different Website Copy templates for you to explore on the Scalenut platform - 

  • Compelling Bullet Points - Bullet points are easy to read and make skimming easy for the reader. Start by entering your brand name, briefly describing the content you want to be reworked, and click on ‘Generate.’
  • Unique Value Proposition - Unique value propositions help you stand out from your competitors. This template can help create a unique value proposition that is clear, concise, and thought-inducing for your readers. Enter your brand name, provide a brief description of your products/services’ USP in your words, and let the AI generate compelling results within seconds. 
  • Landing Page Hero Text - Generate CTA-heavy, compelling hero text within minutes for your website landing page using this template. Enter your brand name and a brief product description, and click the ‘Generate’ button to get started. 
  • Landing Page Sub-header Text - When you are loading your header texts with so much information, it is imperative for you to follow them up with equally inspiring and compelling sub-header texts. Enter the brand name, a brief product description, and landing page details to allow Scalenut’s AI to generate relevant results. 

Website Copy Templates - A Sample Walkthrough

Here is a website copy template walkthrough to give you more clarity on how to use these -

  • You can access the website copy templates by clicking on the ‘Template’ option under the ‘AI Copywriting’ header in the navigation panel. 
  • Click on the ‘Website Copy’ heading from the list of templates. 

  • Choose a website copy template of your choice. For example, take the ‘Landing Page Hero Text’ template.

  • Enter the brand name and description, and click the ‘Generate’ button. 

  • Click on the ‘Add to Editor’ button to add one of the results to the Scalenut Editor. Tap on the ‘Generate More’ option to review more results.