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How to create different Copywriting Frameworks with the AI copywriter?

Scalenut has introduced a number of copywriting frameworks for content creation.

While copywriting is a lot about creativity and humanizing content while maintaining its relevance, there are some set templates that help creators create relevant content with greater ease. 

So, Scalenut has developed multiple copywriting framework-based templates that require you to enter specific details and returns with content that adheres to these frameworks for a more impactful copy. 

Copywriting (Frameworks) Templates

Here are the copywriting (framework) templates that Scalenut currently offers:

  • Attention Interest Desire Action (AIDA) - AIDA is one of the most popular formats in copywriting and helps pinpoint problems and solutions to the target audience in a decluttered manner. Type your brand name, enter a short description of your product/service and the problem it solves, and click on ‘Generate.’ The AI will create narratives that are attention-grabbing, spark interest, create the desire to purchase, and propel your audience to make a move. 
  • Problem Agitate Solution (PAS) - The PAS is one of the go-to formulas in copywriting and is instrumental in highlighting the solutions to the problems your target audience faces. Start by entering your brand name and a description of your product/service (including the problem it solves). Click the ‘Generate’ button and wait a few seconds for the Scalenut AI to generate relevant results. 
  • Before After Bridge (BAB) - This template helps guide your audience from a ‘problem’ situation to a better one by using your products/services. Enter your brand name and a brief description of your offerings, and click on ‘Generate.’
  • Feature to Benefit - This template plays a crucial role in highlighting the importance of your offerings by mentioning their features precisely. Enter your brand name and a brief description of your product/service, and Scalenut will help generate multiple features to benefit frameworks editable for your copywriting needs. 

Copywriting Frameworks Templates - A Sample Walkthrough

Here is how you can create content effectively using any of the above copywriting frameworks - 

  • Click on the ‘Templates’ option under the ‘AI Copywriter’ header in the navigation panel. 
  • Now choose the ‘Copywriting Frameworks’ template category. 
  • Click on the template that you want to create content for. For example, select the ‘Feature to Benefit’ template. 

  • Enter your brand name and a description of the product/service and click on ‘Generate.’


  • Transfer the suggested results to the editor by clicking on the ‘Add to Editor’ button.