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How to Create and Manage AI Docs?

This help article tells you how to create and manage Scalenut AI Docs.

The Documents section stores all your copywriting documents and lets you create a new document to cater to your short-form needs. It is available inside the Marketing Copywriter.

Steps to Create a New AI Doc

Here are the steps to create a new doc - 


Head over to the ‘Documents’ section from the Marketing Copywriter.


Click on the ‘Create Document’ button to create a new AI document. 

Steps to Manage Existing AI Documents

If you have previously generated some results via the Scalenut Marketing Copywriter and want to access them, click on the ‘Documents’ section inside the Marketing Copywriter.

Now, scroll through the created docs to find the one you need. Alternatively, you can use the search bar to find your desired document. 

Users also get the option to use filter tags to improve their search or can use the ‘Sort By’ option to find docs on the basis of when they were created/updated.

Steps to Rename or Delete an Existing Doc

Scalenut allows you to rename or delete an existing AI Doc with a single click. Here‘s how - 


Head to the ‘Documents’ section inside the ‘Marketing Copywriter’ section in the navigation panel. 


Then, browse through the list of existing AI documents and find the one you want to rename or delete. You will find a horizontal ellipsis on the right corner of every document. Tap on it. 


Now click on the ‘Rename’ option in the menu that appears, enter the new name of the document, and save it. Alternatively, click on the ‘Delete’ option to remove the document from the list of AI Docs. 


Users can also use the filter tag option to find the group of documents listed under the same tag.