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How to Check the Outputs Generated by AI?

Scalenut lets users access every content piece they have produced using its AI tools all in a single place.

Located within the 'My Account' section, specifically under the 'AI Outputs' tab, the AI Outputs section in Scalenut serves as a repository for all the content you have created on the platform using its powerful AI tools.

This feature allows users to conveniently access and manage the diverse range of content they have generated using Scalenut's extensive AI capabilities.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you view your AI outputs.


Head to the circular icon in the top right corner of your dashboard. Then, click the " My Account" Section. 


On the redirected page, click on the ‘AI Outputs’ section available on the left side of your screen.


The AI Outputs section in Scalenut is divided into two sub-sections, allowing you to manage both short-term and long-term content effectively. 

Under the ‘Favorites’, you can conveniently access any content you have created on the platform using Scalenut's AI tools, which you have specifically tagged as 'favorite.' This subsection lets you quickly locate and revisit the content that holds special significance.

The second section, ‘History’ is a repository for various SEO Reports and AI Words you and your team members generated on the Scalenut platform. It provides an overview of all the tasks accomplished, giving you a concise summary.

The AI Outputs section is a valuable resource, particularly when you need to locate content created on our platform but are still determining the tool used or other details. 

This feature becomes incredibly handy in such situations, as it allows you to quickly search and retrieve the desired content, even if you need clarification on the exact parameters or tools employed during its creation.

It offers convenience and efficiency by providing a centralized repository for all your content, ensuring you can easily access and utilize your past creations without any unnecessary hurdles.