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How to Check the Outputs Generated by AI?

Scalenut lets users access every content piece they have produced using its AI tools in a single place.

The AI Outputs section stores everything you have produced on your Scalenut profile using its AI tools. It is present under the ‘My Account’ section and lets users access the content they have produced to date via the plethora of Scalenut AI tools.  

It includes short-term and long-term content and is divided into two sections - 

  • Favorites - You can find any content you have produced on our platform using our AI tools and tagged as ‘favorite’ under this header. 

  • History - This subheader stores an overview of all the SEO Reports and AI Words generated by you and your team members on our platform to date. It lets you get a quick glimpse of every task accomplished and enables you to expand them for more detailed viewing. 

This section is handy, especially when you are looking for something produced on our portal but aren’t sure of the tool used or other specifics.