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How to rephrase your content?

Through Scalenut’s “Rephrase” feature, you can make your content more readable and comprehensive.

Scalenut offers an incredible "Rephrase" feature that enables you to elevate the readability and comprehensiveness of your content. Through the power of our advanced AI technology, you can effortlessly replace existing sentences with concise and easily understandable alternatives that convey the same information.

Guide to Using Scalenut's 'Rephrase' Feature in Article Writer

Scalenut's Article Writer provides you with the tools to rephrase any text you enter while writing content in our AI editor, along with additional formatting options. To help you navigate this process, we have outlined a detailed step-by-step guide below:


Login to your Scalenut account. Then, click the “Article Writer/Cruise Mode'' button available on your Scalenut Dashboard.


Select the article you’d want to work on and then click on  ‘Editing in Progress’ .


Inside the editor, select the content that you want to rephrase. Once you select the content, our tool will display different options. Click on the ‘Cruise AI’ option for the selected content.


Select the ‘Rephrase’ option from the drop-down list.

STEP 5  

When you click on ‘Rephrase’, a Text Rephraser will pop up on your screen that will indicate that the tool is rephrasing the selected text for you.

After the tool finishes rephrasing the text, the pop-up window displays both the original and the rephrased text for you to review. You can click ‘Accept’ if you like the output or discard it. Alternatively, the option to regenerate the output and add instructions is available.


Once you are done with all the required changes - you can copy the text. 

By utilizing Scalenut's "Rephrase" feature, you can effortlessly enhance the engagement and clarity of your content. Elevate your writing to new heights and captivate your audience like never before.