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How to rephrase?

Through Scalenut’s “Rephrase” feature, you can make your content more readable and comprehensive.

Using Scalenut’s powerful AI technology, you can replace an existing sentence with a concise and readable sentence conveying the same information.

Guide to Use Scalenut’s ‘Rephrase’ Feature in Article Writer

Scalenut’s Article Writer helps you rephrase any text you enter along with other formatting options while writing content in our AI editor. A detailed guide on how to rephrase your sentences is given in this article as follows -  

Step 1 - Login to your Scalenut account. Go to Article Writer and open the SEO research document for your primary keyword by clicking on the “Open Editor” button. 

Step 2 - Select the content that you want to rephrase. Once you select the content, our tool will display different options. Click on the ‘Rephrase’ option for the selected content.

Step 3 - When you click on ‘Rephrase’, a Text Rephraser will pop up on your screen that will indicate that the tool is rephrasing the selected text for you.

Step 4 - After the tool finishes rephrasing the text, the pop up window displays both the original as well as the rephrased text for you to review. 

It highlights certain words in blue colour. As you hover over these, it provides you with alternative options or synonyms for those words in the dropdown. You can click on any of those to replace it in the rephrased text.

Step 5 - Once you are done with all the required changes - you can copy the text. You can also click on the ‘Replace Original’ button if you are satisfied with the rephrased text and our AI tool will replace the text for you in the AI editor. 

You can use Scalenut's “rephrase” feature to make your content more engaging and enhance its clarity.