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How is the Scalenut "Write" Feature Helpful?

The Write with AI feature in Scalenut’s SEO Hub Editor lets our powerful AI create content for you from the context provided by your end.

With its powerful features, Scalenut AI editor also comes with a clean and easy-to-use interface to make the user navigation journey smooth and easy. You can benefit from our AI to gain insights into the Google ranking algorithm. It can help you incorporate key terms extracted through NLP and other SEO practices like competitor analysis into your content. Scalenut SEO content editor has various AI operator options in our powerful toolbar - such as Write, Instruct, Connector, SERP Ideas, and Cruise Mode.

The advanced and intelligent content features of Scalenut AI editor help you through your content creation journey. Now, let us have a look at the ‘Write with AI’ feature of the Scalenut AI toolbar.

Write with AI

There are multiple times when you, as a content creator, can get stuck while writing down your article or blog. Scalenut’s AI helps you overcome your writer’s block to produce effective and relevant content instantly. On your Scalenut dashboard, go to the Article Writer, and type in your primary keyword and target location. Open the content brief by clicking on the “Open Editor” button.

The ‘Write’ feature on our Scalenut AI toolbar helps you generate comprehensive content based on the existing text you have written. You can use this feature whenever you get stuck in your content writing process. 

Just enter a few sentences to provide context to AI regarding the direction you want to give to your content. Click on the ‘Write’ button. Our powerful AI writer will produce content based on your given context.

For instance, I want to generate content on the importance of SEO. I typed in “Why is SEO important for small businesses?” and clicked the “Write” button on SEO toolbar. The following result is produced after the AI starts producing content based on the given context.

Pro Tip to Use the Scalenut ‘Write With AI’ Feature 

Our AI technology understands the context of the entire content provided by you to create fresh content output. However, if there is a specific part of your content that you want the AI to ignore, you can use our Scalenut Blinder function.  

Just type ### after the words till where you want our AI to ignore your content. You can use this feature to avoid repetition and create unique content for various sections or subsections of your content.

Our AI technology uses the insights generated by a deep and comprehensive SERP analysis to form content for all your business needs. The content generated is engaging, relevant, and optimised as per the needs of your target audiences. Use Scalenut’s ‘Write with AI’ feature today to experience the power of technology and scale your content creation process.