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How is the plan upgrade or downgrade cost calculated?

At Scalenut, we understand that your business may need changes over time, and you may wish to upgrade or downgrade your plan accordingly. To provide flexibility and ensure a fair cost calculation, we use a Pro Rata Basis approach when determining the cost of plan upgrades or downgrades. This article aims to explain how the plan upgrade or downgrade cost is calculated, so you can make informed decisions about your subscription.

Plan Upgrade or Downgrade Calculation:

When you decide to switch from one plan to another, the cost is calculated based on the Pro Rata Basis. Let's break down the calculation process using an example:

Determine the Daily Rate:

To calculate the cost, we first determine the daily rate of your current plan. For instance, if you are on the Growth plan (Monthly) priced at $79, we divide the monthly cost by the number of days in the month. Assuming there are 31 days in the month, the daily rate would be $79/31 = $2.55.

Calculate the Consumed Amount:

Next, we calculate the amount you have consumed based on the number of days you have used the current plan. Suppose you decide to upgrade to the Pro plan (Annual) after using the Growth plan for 10 days. Multiply the daily rate ($2.55) by the number of days used (10), resulting in $2.55 * 10 = $25.5. Therefore, you have consumed a total of $25.5 from the initial $79.

Adjust the Plan Cost:

To determine the final cost of the new plan, we subtract the consumed amount from the total cost of the desired plan. The Pro plan (Annual) is priced at $1072.8 with a 40% discount. Subtracting the unconsumed amount ($53.5) from the total plan cost, we get $1072.8 - $53.5 = $1019.3

Final Cost After Upgrade or Downgrade:

After 10 days of using the Growth plan, the cost of upgrading to the Pro plan (Annual) would be $1019.3. This amount reflects the remaining cost of the new plan after deducting the consumed amount from the initial price.

We aim to provide transparent and fair pricing when it comes to plan upgrades or downgrades. Our Pro Rata Basis calculation ensures that you are charged proportionately based on the number of days you have used your current plan. By understanding how the cost is calculated, you can make informed decisions about upgrading or downgrading your subscription.