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Step by step guide to use Scalenut Chrome Extension Templates

Scalenut Chrome Extension helps you rephrase, simplify, and complete content. You can also command our AI technology to produce the content according to your requirements. Templates are a highly beneficial feature of our extension that helps you generate different types of content across platforms such as Google, Facebook, Quora, Twitter, etc. In this guide, we will dive deep into the Templates feature of Scalenut Chrome Extension.  

Here are some of the different templates the platform offers:

1. Email Template

If you are a marketer whose job involves emailing, you must be tired of composing emails over and over again. The Scalenut Email Template helps you write compelling copies in just a couple of clicks.

All you have to do is write down a few pointers to give context to AI regarding the type of content you wish to produce.

Select the text and click on the ‘Email’ option under the Templates section.

Our AI technology will analyze the data to produce content in just a minute.

With Scalenut Email Template, you can produce better emails and scale your email marketing efforts by turning short pointers into ready-to-send emails.

2. Social Media Post Template

Are you struggling to come up with social media posts for your business handles? You are not alone! From social media captions to posts, digital marketing requires you to produce lots of engaging content. Use the Scalenut chrome extension social media template to escape writer’s block and quit fighting a blank page. 

Generate content for your social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., in a few clicks only. 

Just type in the topic you want to create your post on.

Select the text, and use the ‘Social Media Post’ feature under ‘Templates.’ 

Our AI will produce the social media copy for you.

Leverage our social media template to grow your audience today by sharing engaging and relevant content.

3. Answer a Question Template

Are you a content marketer looking to generate some interesting answers to questions of your target audiences? Do not worry! With Scalenut Chrome Extension’s Answer a Question Template, you can answer any question on any topic for various forums such as Quora. Answering your users’ questions is essential for businesses to interact with their audiences and build stronger bonds.

Save your time and let the AI craft a perfectly insightful answer for you instantly. 

Write down your question.

Select the text, and through the Scalenut Extension icon, click on Templates and then select the ‘Answer a Question’ feature.

Our powerful AI will create engaging and captivating answers to your questions. The extension understands the intent of your question and builds on it to generate the answer.

Our AI-powered Chrome extension can help you to articulate relevant and insightful answers with relevant keywords to drive more traffic to your website and improve your business presence online. 

4. Google Ads Copy Template

Businesses of all fields and sizes use Google ads to promote their brand and products and increase their visibility for their target audiences. Google is the strongest and most vital source of all online traffic. A properly formed Google Ads copy can help you reach tons of people using the Google platform. 

With Scalenut Chrome Extension’s Google Ads Copy template, you can craft a high-converting and well-optimized copy within seconds.

• Type a sentence or two about the product or service you want to promote through the Google Ad.

• Select the text, hover over the Scalenut extension icon, and under Templates, choose the ‘Google Ads Copy’ feature.

• Our AI will quickly come up with attention-grabbing and insightful marketing copies that you can use by clicking on the ‘Insert’ option.

With Scalenut’s Chrome Extension templates, you can optimize your entire campaign and put your Google ads creation on autopilot mode.

5. Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA) Copy Templates

The AIDA Model, which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action model, is an advertising copy that identifies the various stages an individual goes through during the purchase of a product or service. Through the AIDA Template of Scalenut Chrome Extension, you can craft an effective content copy that grabs the attention of your users through a hook. 

Scalenut’s ad copies invoke your target audiences' interest in your products, services, or events. Hence, it motivates them to take an action by purchasing the service or subscribing to the event.

Type a few sentences to set the context for your ad.

Select the text, click on the Scalenut icon, and choose the AIDA template.

The AI will create content for different stages of your consumer experience, which include Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

You can also click on the redo icon on the top right if you are not satisfied with the results to generate more outputs. The AIDA model is commonly used in digital marketing to connect and appeal to your customers. The ‘Attention Interest Desire Action’ template of Scalenut’s Chrome Extension creates impactful AIDA content for all your marketing requirements.

6. Problem Agitate Solution (PAS) Template

Copywriting for businesses is a tough nut to crack. Your audiences need to be convinced that you have the solution to their problems in order for them to purchase your product or service. The Problem Agitate Solution (PAS) formula is a copywriting framework that helps you convey your message to your target audiences in a captivating way. 

To use Scalenut’s PAS template, simply describe the problem your products, services, or business solves.

Select the text, and choose the ‘Problem Agitate Solution’ Template from the easy access panel of Scalenut features.

Our AI will work its magic to come up with some remarkable combinations quickly. It will include the problems you solve, the ‘agitation’ your users face, and the solution you sell.

The Scalenut Chrome Extension PAS Template helps you create engaging copies by acknowledging the pain points of the reader. Our tool then agitates the issues making them worse, and finally presents your readers with the solution at the end.

7. Product Description

In the eCommerce industry, your users can not touch or inspect an item before they purchase it. Hence, it becomes really important to have a clear, authentic, and detailed product description. Poor product descriptions lead businesses to lose a customer. Our powerful AI product description template helps you come up with unique and engaging product descriptions for your online store.

• Write down the facts and figures you want to include in your product description.

• Select the text and choose the ‘Product Description’ feature from the templates section. 

• If you are happy with the results, click on the ‘Insert’ option to add the generated content to your screen.  

However, if you are still not sure of the generated content, you can create more options. Click on the redo icon on the top right to generate more product descriptions for your consideration. 

Scalenut’s AI Product Description template can help you stand apart from your competition. A good description improves your organic traffic and boosts your conversion rates. ‍The ‘Product Description’ feature of Scalenut Chrome Extension is a quick and easy way to brainstorm and create new, exciting product content at scale. 

8. Review Responder

As an online brand, one of the biggest blunders you can make is to leave your reviews unanswered. When you do not respond to the reviews, you leave the customers wondering about the next step they should take. Failing to answer customer reviews can even cost you the customers you worked so hard to acquire as well as some new ones. 

Through Scalenut’s review responder template, you can also boost your online visibility.

• Type in or just select the review you want to generate a response for.

• Select the ‘Review Responder’ feature under the Templates section.

• Our AI will generate a professional yet engaging response for your customers.

You can click the ‘Insert’ button to directly send the answer to the given review through the chat. Responding to reviews through our Chrome Extension paves the way for a strong foundation with your customers. It helps in building trust to show the users that you, as a business, genuinely care about their experience.

9. Engaging Questions

While forming a piece of content, it is really important to ensure your users get all the information regarding your topic from the content piece. You can address the queries of your audiences by producing some engaging questions. Scalenut’s ‘Engaging Questions’ template helps you generate multiple options for questions that will interest your audiences.

• Type the topic of your content.

• Select the text and choose the ‘Engaging Questions’ feature under the templates section.

• Our AI will work its magic to produce engrossing questions you can address in your content.

Questions in content are a hallmark of quality learning. In the digital age of information overload, the key to a successful user experience lies in asking and answering the right questions. Through Scalenut Questions Template, you can maximize your user engagement.

10. Facebook Primary Text

More than a social media platform, Facebook can be identified as the most popular source of engagement for all types of businesses. Facebook ads help you maximize your brand visibility to reach your prospective customers. The primary text of a Facebook copy is the text that shows above the images or videos in your ads. 

Scalenut Chrome Extension has the Facebook Primary Text template to help you produce an engaging and converting copy for your ad.

• Give our AI a context about your business.

• Select the text and choose the ‘Facebook Primary Text’ feature from the templates section.

• Scalenut AI will generate a compelling ad copy to boost your conversion rates.

Scalenut’s Facebook Primary Text template includes all the important attributes of your brand that can appeal to the target audiences. It can help you find the right words to maximize the engagement on your Facebook posts. 

Scalenut Templates, as you must know by now, are some pre-designed use cases to produce different types of content copies. All you need to do is provide a little context to the Scalenut AI to create the content you desire. 

You can use any use cases mentioned in the Templates section to produce unique and relevant content within seconds. Download Scalenut Chrome Extension today to use the templates and experience the power of technology in your content generation.