Purchasing a Plan, Upgrading/Downgrading from Your Existing Plan

Scalenut offers a free plan for all users and can generate up to 2,000 AI words and 2 SEO Docs every month. But that plan is limited if you are looking to use the tool for your professional needs. For those purposes, we have introduced three paid plans:

  • Individual - starting at USD 12 per month for annual billers

  • Growth - starting at USD 32 per month for annual billers &

  • Pro - starting at USD 60 month for monthly billers

These plans cater to different needs and offer additional nifty features to make your content creation easier, depending on your chosen plan.

Steps to Choose a Plan for a New User

New users get a free 7-days trial on Scalenut. Let’s say, based on your experience with the free plan, you want to buy a paid plan. Here are the steps to purchase the desired plan with Scalenut:

  • Sign in to your Scalenut account.

  • On the left corner of your Scalenut Dashboard, you will find the ‘My Account’ option. Tap on it.

  • The ‘Account’ tab will open by default, which houses your basic details, such as your email ID, contact number, full name, and more. You can also view your current plan overview below.

  • Besides the ‘Account’ tab lies the ‘Subscription’ tab. Tap on it.

  • It will take you to the ‘Subscriptions’ section, where you can first choose if you want to be billed monthly or annually via a toggle option.

  • You can then view an overview of what each of our plans has on offer. Click on the ‘Start 7 days free trial’ button highlighted in blue under the plan you want to buy.

  • The next screen will take you to the payment portal, where you can enter the requisite details and make the payment based on the options chosen. Scalenut will not charge anything if you cancel your subscription within the seven days of the trial period.

Steps to Upgrade Your Existing Plan

If you are currently enjoying the free plan or any of the lower-priced paid plans and wish to upgrade to a higher plan, you can do so within a few clicks. For this, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your Scalenut account, and tap on the ‘My Account’ option housed in the left lower corner of your dashboard.

  • The next screen is the ‘Accounts’ screen. Click on the ‘Subscriptions’ tab below the ‘Account’ tab.

  • On the next screen, choose the default billing cycle for your plan via the toggle option. Now, you will find all the billing options available for the Scalenut tool.

  • Click on the blue button in the middle of your screen containing the ‘Upgrade Plan’ option. For example, if you are using the ‘Growth’ plan, you can upgrade to the ‘Pro’ plan. Users using the Individual plan can upgrade to the ‘Growth’ or ‘Pro’ plan

  • Confirm your change in billing settings on the next screen to finish upgrading your Scalenut plan.

Steps to Downgrade Your Existing Plan

While we would not like you to downgrade your Scalenut plan, there can be many reasons why you would want to change your existing plan, such as a reduction in your team size. Here is how you can downgrade your existing Scalenut plan:

  • Log in to your Scalenut account. Tap on the ‘My Account’ option in the left lower corner of your Scalenut Dashboard.

  • Now, click on the ‘Subscriptions’ tab in the top middle of your screen below the ‘Account’ tab.

  • Select the appropriate plan you want to downgrade to. Once you have chosen the right plan for your needs, click on the ‘Downgrade Plan’ button in the plan’s description.

  • Confirm the change in your account settings, and your current plan will be changed successfully.

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