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Difference between Purchased Saas Credits and Promotional Saas Credits?

Scalenut offers users the flexibility to access both Purchased SaaS Credits and Promotional SaaS Credits. Here's all you need to know about them.

Scalenut offers users the flexibility to access both Purchased SaaS Credits and Promotional SaaS Credits. It means you have multiple options to enhance your experience and optimize your usage based on your specific needs.

You have two options to obtain SaaS Credits: you can buy them or receive them through special offers. When you purchase credits, your balance increases and you gain access to more features. Promotional credits, on the other hand, are offered as a bonus or reward, allowing you to experiment with our platform for free.

You can access both credits from the ‘My Account’ section on your dashboard. 

Click on ‘Transactions’ from the left navigation bar, and the redirected screen will display your available balance, purchased SaaS credits, and Promotional SaaS credits. You can also view the history of these credits and recharge credits from this section.

How does Purchased SaaS Credits differ from Promotional SaaS Credits?

Purchased SaaS Credits and Promotional SaaS Credits differ in terms of their acquisition and usage. Here are the distinctions between the two:


Purchased SaaS Credits are obtained directly from the SaaS provider.

It involves a monetary transaction where you pay for a specific number of credits based on the pricing structure defined by the provider. 

On the other hand, Promotional SaaS Credits come as part of a promotional campaign or special offer by the SaaS provider. They are often provided for free or as a bonus for specific actions, such as signing up for a trial, referring new customers, writing reviews, etc.

Payment and Value: 

Purchased SaaS Credits require payment to acquire them. The SaaS provider determines the cost of these credits, and may vary based on factors such as the number of credits purchased and any applicable discounts or bulk pricing.

On the other hand, promotional SaaS Credits are given out without any monetary exchange and usually have a predetermined value assigned by the provider. This value may be equivalent to a specific service or feature usage within the SaaS platform.

Usage and Limitations:

Purchased SaaS Credits can be used for various purposes within the SaaS platform, such as accessing certain features, increasing usage limits, or enabling additional services. 

Promotional SaaS Credits, however, may have limitations or restrictions on their usage, such as expiration date, usage restrictions on specific features or services, or limited availability based on the terms and conditions of the promotional offer.