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Difference between AI Docs and SEO Docs

Scalenut users will come across two document types on our platform - AI Docs and SEO Docs.

If you have used Scalenut for a while or even have gone through the Dashboard, you would have known that our tools are divided into two primary segments - 

  • AI Copywriter
  • SEO Hub

The AI Copywriter section is primarily for your short-form needs. It houses over 40 AI-powered templates to help generate content that effectively conveys your ideas to your target audience. In addition, it also has AI Docs, which store any output users create using these templates. 

The SEO Hub section primarily caters to your long-form needs. From developing a rough draft in five minutes to creating detailed outlines, you can do it all here. In addition, it lets you use AI to generate meaningful topic clusters for strengthening your SEO game. This section also has SEO Docs, which stores documents containing detailed outlines, rough drafts using Cruise Mode, and other long-form content that users generate with the help of our software.